Destiny: 9 Ways to Prepare for the Iron Banner

8CN: Right now, Destiny players are frantically trying to gear up with all of the new Queen's Wrath equipment. On October 7 though, that will come to an end, making room for the official introduction of the Iron Banner, a one-week Crucible event that will let Guardians compete in PvP using all of the abilities and stats of their gear.

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thekhurg1501d ago

Prepare for the QQ when this event starts.

nX1501d ago

"Send them home crying!"
Can't wait for it :D

worldwidegaming1501d ago

one-week Crucible event = Not enough time to hit rank 3.
I could be wrong.

Predaking771501d ago

You can easily hit rank 3 if you don't have a job, a life, girlfriend or responsabilities.

I guess that's the target audience.

TRD4L1fe1501d ago

It's called doing nightfall. It's gives you radiant light which gives a XP boost to everything.

I hit rank 3 with the FWC in 4 days because of it and I work 40 hrs have a girlfriend and a 2 yr old daughter. So it's possible.

GuruStarr781501d ago

Im almost ready. Suros regime is maxed out.. just working on my zombie apocalypse machine gun..

blvdnights14141501d ago

Really, a one week only event? Why limit content on a game that is already limited in content. The Iron Banner is the perfect incentive for Curcible players to venture out to the PVE to obtain wepons and armor and then test it out in PVP. It opens up the game so much more.

BattleTorn1501d ago

"If you've been a smart guardian, you're probably already leveling up one of the factions"

Yes, that way you can be like me! Neither rank 2 in Crucible, Vanguards, or Faction - because you split it up too much!

Swiggins1501d ago

Yeah, I pretty much said nuts to the factions and focused exclusively on Vangard and Crucible...seems like it's been fairly effective so far.

Wish I could find an Legendary Auto Rifle that's as good as my Shingen E :(.

DaNxtLT1501d ago

The Monte Carlo exotic is the same gun reskinned, and stronger.

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