Driveclub’s Visuals Born of Obsessiveness; Director Explains Extreme Details Harnessing PS4′s Power

During a livestream hosted by Sony Computer Entertainment, Driveclub’s Game Director Paul Rustchynsky explained how Evolution Studios managed to make the game look as good as it does

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Thefreeman0121476d ago

The visuals look awesome, but the lame generic paint jobs look dumb and the gameplay looks average at best

Toman851476d ago

Right. I have the game and the gameplay is fantastic. Proof:

You can't judge a game that you are not gonna own/get.

WeAreLegion1476d ago

Jealous. If only retailers here in the states were more lax. :/

LightDiego1476d ago

Please, don't get mad, get sad that you can't play this game.

Thefreeman0121476d ago

I can't? I'm pretty sure my ps4 says I could if I so chose.

Riderz13371476d ago

Right then. This is average gameplay now?

I give up on gaming if so.

Ju1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

I hope they won't put this into a Project Morpheus version...I might have to go to the doctors danger of a head

And...I've never seen those snow feeds...looks intense.

Thefreeman0121476d ago

Again looks brilliant but not too exciting, plus those car decals kill me

Riderz13371476d ago

@Freeman imagine driving in the snow cockpit view in the dark. How is that not exciting? Maybe we just have different definitions of exciting.

And personally I don't care about decals, I prefer a single color anyways. No point in ruining a Ferrari with some random racing stripes or whatever, but that's just me.

ipach1476d ago

dude, that roll! tell me that popped a trophy!

midnight_231476d ago

Watching that gif of the crash in slow motion while it was loading was awesome

ramiuk11476d ago

that 2nd one just made me want to crash my car all day long when i get it

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GribbleGrunger1476d ago

It's odd because everyone who's played this game so far on Gaf has said how exciting it is to play. This fictitious meme won't stick I'm afraid.

Grell5661476d ago

Gameplay IS average. More arcadish than i hoped for.
Too easy to recover if you have a bad turn.

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Xb1ps41476d ago

When does this come out?

Angels37851476d ago

He's freeing up his day for an all day trolling session.

MonkeyOne1476d ago

Is it me or it a total waste to build a massive open world driving game but you're stuck in a car and can't get out and walk around to see the scenery.

Abriael1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Driveclub is not open world?

GameDev11476d ago

Are you joking? You do know this is a racing game on tracks right??

MonkeyOne1476d ago


Why can't I get out of my car and walk around?

GribbleGrunger1476d ago

Even some open world racing games don't let you get out of your car and walk around.

Xb1ps41476d ago

It's just you and 3 others...

MysticStrummer1476d ago

"Why can't I get out of my car and walk around?"

Please tell me this isn't a serious question.


zeuanimals1476d ago

Do you also wish that GTA could allow you to sit your character down so they can get into deep philosophical thought? Because that's exactly what a game like that needs, right?

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ferhound1476d ago

Paintjob still looks bland and dumb.

WeAreLegion1476d ago

Your first comment ever and you're already burning bridges.

Skhan1476d ago

Salty, indeed, only bad thing anti PS4 users can say about the game is bad paint jobs, and no open world!, haha poor guys.
DC is Day 1 for me.

Ju1476d ago

I apologize...I must...that it looks a generation above Motorsports games...I'm sorry.

IWentBrokeForGaming1476d ago

This game is so gorgeous people are grabbing straws just to belittle it... So hillarious!

Clunkyd1476d ago

Best car models and environments I've seen in a racing game, that's for sure.

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