Logitech G402 Gaming Mouse Review | New England Gamer

Dan writes - "The latest release by Logitech is their next attempt at getting into that ever popular FPS market with the G402 Hyperion Fury which advertises tracking speeds of over 500 IPS (inches per second). This new mouse features Logitech’s Fusion Engine sensor and the Delta Zero sensor for some insane levels of accuracy on a mouse. The G402 has been touted at many events as the “fastest gaming mouse” you could buy for FPS gaming and according to the top gamers the issue in FPS’s is that their previous mice could not track as fast as they can move so the need for the G402 Hyperion Fury was apparent. It should also be noted that G402 is not the top tier Logitech mouse, this mouse is the meant to be priced under the flagship G502 Proteus Core; so the comparison has to be made."

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KiwiViper851479d ago

From a strictly console gamer, that looks f'n bad ass. I want it for my work computer.

NovusTerminus1478d ago

I wanted to get it for my PC. But I got a Venus by UTechSmart.

Still has a nice look to it.

bsmith611478d ago

I'll just stick with my g400s.

nzace1478d ago

I would recommend the g502 over this solely for the adjustable click wheel, makes it great for productivity and gaming.