PlayStation Home May Live on the PlayStation 4 Yet

Push Square: "PlayStation Home is being boarded up. Sony announced late last week that it will be evicting residents from its ambitious virtual world, and dismantling the servers like an old block flats. For many of us, it’s an opportunity to point and laugh at the service’s protracted lifespan – but this move is going to negatively impact many smaller developers that made money from the online establishment."

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sinncross1476d ago

I'd rather Sony just took their Hots Shots franchise, and let (not force) people to make am avatar on that between PS4/ PSV and let them interact that way, if players want.

MRMagoo1231476d ago

I tried out home when it was new still and it was basically second life, by that I mean every second person was trying to pick up a girl or have sex with someone even when the majority of the female avatars where guys really, as they say on WOW , a girl is a Guy In Real Life.

I dont know if that changed much because I tried it on and off a couple times through out the years but I havent been there for maybe 3 years or something perhaps.

GamingSinceThe80s1476d ago

I only went there a few times to get the free PS1 games from the PS4 sales pitch thing warhawk,Twisted metal 1,RE 1 directors cut,and a few more I think.And your right about the sex thing that is all I saw going

joab7771475d ago

I always thought they would implement it into the OS. Crazy I know. But imagine booting up into ur apartment. You get up, u can check messages, friends, the news, facebook, whatever. Then u sit down and can begin playing.

It would been great for parties just messing around waiting to play something etc. But it could have been really many possibilities.

dcj05241475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Thing is, I do that when the game is loading, on my phone.

MysticStrummer1475d ago


Yeah that kind of behavior never did go away completely, but it was possible for Home to be very enjoyable. There were some fun little games and I met some really cool people on there.

porkChop1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Home has potential on PS4, but not the way it was on PS3. They need to turn it into a big F2P MMO. Have a huge world, at least twice the size of GTA V. Let people completely customize the look of their character down to the smallest detail, let us drive and buy cars, houses, apartments, boats, businesses (like a car dealership or a convenience store for snacks/health packs), with hundreds or thousands of players playing in the world at the same time. Have randomly generated community events or missions, levels with new skills and abilities, lots of social areas like arcades, cafes, etc. Have lots of free content, but still allow for micro-transactions like special clothes and cars.

Rick_Ross_Boss1476d ago

I think the main problem with home was you had to launch the programme separate from the OS and it was to slow between areas.

TheEternalGamer1476d ago

if they port PS Home to the PS4 They will need to do a lot to try and make it where a lot people will enjoy it. PS home got a lot of trash talked about it since its launch on the PS3. i never understood it. I felt it was "Ok" "Mediocre" but mainly because it wasn't my thing. But i can see people liking something like that even myself too Since i enjoy sim games like The sims and such.

They need to have a virtual currency for PS Home on the PS4 version because in my experience their was only buying things with real money which too be honest I'm not that interested in paying for shit with real money on this game. I agree with contests, and other earning stuff like collectibles etc.

But overall you mainly just paid real money for shit in this game. Like give us something like "Home Credits" or something like that. Plus add more content to it. And the games like Home Tycoon were fun but again you need to buy a lot of coins in that game in order to build a good city.

PS Home has tons of great potential in my opinion and i would certainly want to try it out again if they improve PS home in a huge way if they ever port it to PS4. (Also for people who spent real money on their stuff and earned a lot of stuff on the PS3 version allow them to port their stuff over to the PS4 version for they won't lose any of it considering all the grinding they did on it).

Other than that i would prefer it if Sony focused on other things than PS Home. PS Home has tons of potential but i would rather see returning PS Classics coming to PS4 as a sequel then a PS Home sequel/port.

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