How to Buy and Earn New Cars in Forza Horizon 2

Robert Workman (Prima Games): You’ll never worry about a lack of vehicles to drive in Forza Horizon 2. Microsoft and Playground Games included over 200 rides to choose from throughout the event, ranging from exotic sports cars to loaded off-road vehicles that make a difference when it comes to reaching the finish line.

However, you're probably asking yourself, "How can I acquire all these sweet rides?" Shopping may seem like the answer, but there's more than one way to build your car collection. Here are some tips that will help you quickly fill up your garage, and give you more options when hitting the open road.

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Rob Hornecker1477d ago

Some good info can be found here! I'm just loving this game and is a VERY excellent sequel to the 1st edition! The more I play it,the more I love it!