Driveclub Keeps Track of Every Event You Drive on Your PS4, Even if You Did Thousands

If you’re starting to get a little old and your memory is getting a little shaky, you shouldn’t worry on the upcoming PS4 racing game Driveclub.

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nicksetzer11568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Is that a special feature? Pretty sure every racer I have played since ps2 has done that.

IDK why dual shockers keeps doing these pointless feature articles on driveclub. They also did an article about how the game is compressed to fit on disc ... like almost every game ever.

That said really excited to try this on monday through PS+ with spelunky and dust.

Abriael1568d ago

"Pretty sure every racer I have played since ps2 has done that."

Really now, Every racing game since the PS2 keeps track of every race you drive, including all its conditions, and lets you send challenges based on that?

The thing you learn...

Of course, I'm being sarcastic, because your statement is obviously fully false.

Dudebro901568d ago

Maybe not since ps2, but its been in other its not exactly a selling feature.

Seriously have you ever considered not responding in such condescendingly ways? I get its the internet, but be the bigger person.

Abriael1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

@Dudebro90: care to bring an example?

Condescending responses to condescending, aggressive (and false) statements.

DeadlyOreo1568d ago

I just came here to read the comments.

- Michael Jackson.

OOMagnum1568d ago

Abriael their right this isnt news worthy but your bringing hits to your site so I get it.

Abriael1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

@OOMagnum: still waiting for an example.

I have a feeling that I'll wait all night, because there isn't one.

Fun to do the internet knowitall game without backing it up.

Dudebro901568d ago

Its the same thing as a ghost...

Sure it'll save the times that are slower than the ghost, but who cares about that? You want the fastest time.

Even Maeio Kart has ghosts..

Abriael1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )


One. No, it's not the same as a ghost. A ghost only saves a car's trajectory in a track. It doesn't save all the track conditions, the grid, your opponents or anything of the sort.

Two: even if you consider just the ghost, no game automatically saves all your ghosts in every single race you ever played.

Care to try again? I have all night. Can consume your fingers furiously clicking on disagree, but I'm still waiting for an actual example.

Dudebro901568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Ha ok man...keep telling yourself that...

Whatever gets you clicks right?


You're the king of snarky comebacks so not sure why you are trying to call people out.

Look its a more in depth ghost. That's all it is. You can try to make into more but nobody cares. Its not a selling feature. Ghosts have been in games for years now.

Nobody cares about anything but beating your friends/opponents times. Not once have I ever been like, oh man I wonder if it was raining during that lap.

The reason games don't record every single lap is because nobody freaking cares. They just want the fastest lap they have done.

Nobody has ever been like...i want a complete list of every lap I've ever done. Why? Because that data serves no purpose.

Abriael1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

@Dudebro90: whatever is news. And this is, despite the internet knowitalls that love to throw snarky comments, but then can't bring up a single example to back em up.

"nobody cares"

I suggest to speak for yourself. "I don't care" and "Nobody cares" are two very different cups of tea.

Assuming that your opinion is the opinion of everyone, or even the majority, is an extreme fallacy.

And recording the racing conditions is extremely relevant for challenges. If I want to challenge someone to beat my time, but he isn't put in the same conditions as I am, the challenge is meaningless. That's not really rocket science.

Still waiting for an example, though. Not coming, I guess.

GameDev11568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )


You say its the ghost, but what paul is actually talking about has NOTHING to do with the ghost, the ghost part is in time trial which is unlimited, as in if you beat the ghost, it will get faster everytime

What is being discussed here is best described by abriael below

"It's saving all the conditions of every race you ever played (weather, time, grid positions, opponents, time compression and so forth), so that you can select them and send challenges to your friends, which will be able to play in exactly the same conditions and compare results."

Basically its saving every single information about an ACTUAL event or race(no ghost here) where you set the day and night cycle, weather, type of event or any other information, finish that event and it is stored in the cloud in THOUSANDS. Out of those thousands, you can go back to the very first one you played when you newly got Driveclub and send that event or race with every single information of it intact to a friend to take part in THAT same challenge with all the conditions you raced in.

Now again am very curious, which other racer does that?

OFF TOPIC @Nicksester and Dudebro90: Why are you pissed off Abriael is giving these information on Drive club out?? I know you guys are lets say strongly on the Xbox side(please don't lie your comment history is easy plus i have been on N4G long enough to know).

Why dont you just simply ignore Abriael posts on Driveclub as I doubt with your stance on consoles, you dont even want to play Drive club.

Let me be honest, I have a PS4, not an Xbox One, If I
see a post about a great feature on an Xbox One game I dont know about or am not interested, I simply ignore it. But when it comes to features on Xbox One games I am interested in like Sunset Overdrive and Quantum break, well I read the article about the great feature it has (even if it might be in another game) and move on

Lastly Abriael article on Drive club compression was due to the fact that if you look at the detail going into the cars, environments, game modes, you wouldnt expect Drive club storage to be that small, which is why Abriael was impressed about the method of compression the devs used to still get out a detailed game that doesnt take much of your console hard drive space.

Am still curious about the other racing games that have this feature though? Would love to give them a look

user3672721568d ago

Dudebro has a point but I can't blame Ddualshockers for posting another one of these article. They gotta eat to.

jukins1568d ago

Anyone seen brother Michael he should he here reading the comments
Janet jackson..

MysticStrummer1568d ago

I'm not sure how ghosts could possibly be thought of as equivalent.

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GameDev11568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

@DudeBro and Nickzester1

Am just curious as am not a big driving game fan

But what racing games since PS2 allowed you to store thousands of your racing events in the cloud then allows you send those exact events with car and track to your friend to beat the challenge you achieved in all those saved events??

Not doubting your statements, just curious

Abriael1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

I'll tell you which one:

NoneRacing 2.

Charybdis1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Assuming its saving the 'ghost car'of every race I dont believe there any racing games which save all the 'ghost car'of all your races in the cloud. He doesn't seem to be reffering to only saving time stamps of all your races on th cloud.

Abriael1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )


Not the timestamps. It's saving all the conditions of every race you ever played (weather, time, grid positions, opponents, time compression and so forth), so that you can select them and send challenges to your friends, which will be able to play in exactly the same conditions and compare results.

ThatOneGuyThere1568d ago

you're flat wrong. Most racing games will save up to a few ghosts per track.

OOMagnum1568d ago ShowReplies(5)
Flamingweazel1568d ago

LMAo no, what an idiotic thing to post. There was not enough memory and CPu to do that previous gens

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roland821568d ago

Next article will tell us you earn trophies while playing Drive Club

uth111568d ago

"Driveclub knows what you did last summer.."

mysteryraz111568d ago

I will test it out on ps plus first

MattE1568d ago

Wait.. You are all actually falling for this PR nonsense..

They are selling you features that are standard I'm raving games. Some sort of ghost, challenges against friends?.. Even when they are not online playing the game whhooaaa! You mean you can challenge a friends lap times when they are not online! And it saves you data when you finish a race! Nonsense