Final Fantasy XIII – From Visual Masterpiece to Technical Turd

The core characters look pretty decent and the cut-scenes are almost universally fantastic, but by comparison to those that came before, Lightning Returns stands as a shocking fall from grace, and as genuine fans of the previous two games in the XIII series, one of the biggest disappointments of the last generation.

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MRMagoo1231479d ago

any of the 13s are a fall from grace when put side by side game play wise to any other core final fantasy game imo.

Paprika1479d ago

The original final fantasy xiii was great as an individual game. Compared to others in the series its out of the top 5 by a long shot.

But its visuals and music were beautiful. Lightning returns...... meh :(

rextraordinaire1479d ago

I enjoyed all 3 games from the XIII trilogy. And i've been playing final fantasy since the original on nes. Different people, different taste.

Anderson81476d ago

interesting, what exactly did u find enjoyable

rextraordinaire1476d ago

XIII - The setting (the world, the conflict, the characters and the visuals) and the battle system once it kicks into gear halfway through the game.

I disliked the lack of towns and NPC.

XIII-2 - The openness of the world and the numerous side quests available. I thought the battle system was a downgrade from XIII. Too easy to overpower this game with the obvious perfect builds for Noel and Serah.

LR - The battle system was the best from the three. Over all a pretty enjoyable game. Graphics were sub quality, but gameplay was pretty good.

I didn't like how half the customization was locked before New Game +. Upgrading weapons should have been available from the start.

Overall I enjoyed all three of them. All good games with some flaws. But then, every single game ever made has flaws.

Anderson81475d ago

interesting, while i agree all games have flaws i think xiii's were just too big for me.

the setting was awesome visually, as usual for a final fantasy game. and the battle system would have been perfect if they hadn't of nerfed it with that "auto button". plus i shouldn't have to wait 20 hours for it to kick in.

i also thought the characters were handled poorly and the lore didnt quite resonate with me, seemed a bit convoluted.

i never played the sequels as it turned me off too much for me to want to dive back into the series so ive always been waiting for xv to re-invigorate my interest. FF has always been my fav' franchise and 13 nearly killed that.

I can only hope that xv brings back all the stuff i loved in the older games..

Liam23821479d ago

I loved XIII, but that only made Lightning Returns all the more disappointing.