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Game Rant's Denny Connolly dives into Shadow of Mordor to see if the Nemesis system and familiar combat mechanics can deliver the best Tolkien-inspired game yet.

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Geekman1479d ago

This game is doing too well for me not to get it.

*Dusts off PS4*

Allsystemgamer1479d ago

I got it for pc. It's fantastic. The best parts of Arkham and assassins creed blended intO LOTR. start slaughtering Uruk hai as much as you can ;)

JoGam1478d ago

Thats it, Grabbing it at Midnight. Yup midnight, Once my check hits the bank..LOL

MrCherry1478d ago

This game is great!!! Wish for somemore (indepth) side story, or towns with secret npc to give you and that will make the store change. And also have more weapons to pick from and make it look the way you like, have the AC idea to make armor out of your kills?