Kissing vs. killing: How Shadow of Mordor fails at explaining the difference

Polygon: Yesterday morning I found myself trying to play Shadow of Mordor. I look forward to playing more today, but yesterday I didn’t get much further than the tutorial before putting the game down to share some feelings. There’s a basic design mistake right at the start.

One of the very first things you do in the game, following a brief sword-fight with your son and some Uruks, is kiss your wife. This isn’t an ordinary kiss, it’s actually a tutorial for how to sneak up on someone and murder them — that much is immediately clear from the controls, even before you actually kill Uruks moments later.

You’re learning a skill that will later be used almost exclusively in combat.

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porkChop1478d ago

Are your serious? Nearly 1,500 words because a single 5 second action in the games tutorial wasn't to this person's liking.

Polygon, of course. Had to be either them or Kotaku.

ziggurcat1477d ago

It's polygon... No real surprise there.

LightDiego1477d ago

I really don't know how these sites are still approved. Every time someone post articles from these sites, The Last Guardian will be delayed one more day.

Sideras1477d ago

How the hell do these people have job. What manner of a psychopath sees things like this.
I didn't even give it a thought, great so now Shadow of Mordor is teaching us that kissing women and killing women are the same thing. Yes Zach you blazing mongoloid, that's exactly right, and all gamers are evil.


stloony1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Ha, and here I was thinking it was a brilliant game design decision. The first stealth kiss. I thought that was awesome.

Guess I'm just not cool enough to hate on something so cool...wait...I'm confused now.

shammgod1477d ago

Story Quality=WTF
Like this website=NO

DragonKnight1477d ago

Unfortunately N4G doesn't care about that system. Polygon is here to stay.

shammgod1477d ago

yeah :(
its a sad reality

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The story is too old to be commented.