GalCiv developer returns to the fantasy-strategy genre that once devastated the company (exclusive)

Stardock, developer of the popular 4X PC space strategy series Galactic Civilizations, completely restructured itself as the result of a flop in land-based fantasy strategy game in 2010. Now the company will attempt to redeem itself in the genre. The story profiles the company and includes interviews on what's changed and how it's affected the company.

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ColManischewitz3047d ago

Glad that the disaster that was the original Elemental didn't kill these guys.

3-4-53047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

WTF Stardock is out of Michigan....Hmm never knew that.

Good read though, and I look forward to their new game.

Started Playing Gal Civ 2 again the other day, eventually I'll get Gal Civ 3 once it's fully finished.

Solid game developer really.

* Another Fantasy-Strategy 4x games is always a nice welcome though.

Games like this you can play for YEARS and never get bored.

Sadie21003047d ago

I never realized Elemental was that bad. Didn't some people dig it?

lemoncake3047d ago

Seems like they got lucky with a big cash injection from the impulse sale and are now happily spending it on golden toilets and yoga classes for the office and staff, what could possibly go wrong. Seriously though I hope galciv 3 will be great because it really needs to be after elemental.