State of Decay Sells Two Million

Zombie survival title State of Decay has sold two million copies across both Steam and Xbox Live. Although it's been out for quite some time, re-releases and sales prove that it's still lurching slowly forwards.

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lelo2play1478d ago

LOL at the disagrees. I guess it's bad to sell two million copies of a game.

christocolus1478d ago

Lol. I never tried it on 360 but i heard the game was fun.I guess ill be picking it up when its released on xbox one.

gangsta_red1478d ago

The game was very fun, but man o' man could it have used multi player.

theDivision1478d ago

Definitely agree about the multiplayer. I personally would have enjoyed it a lot more if I could have made a character. They had very interesting perks and etc. but I just wanted to have a character to mainly play as that reflected who I am... I just had trouble pouring serious hours into the game when I was stuck always playing as others.

Multiplatguy1478d ago

And hopefully many more when it releases on Xbox One. It was a great game and I can't wait to see what Undead Labs make next. This was one of my favorite games of the year.

OpieWinston1478d ago

It was my favorite game of last year. Undead Labs nailed it with State of Decay, and me being a fan of Jeff Strain and Zombies...It was destined to be.

Undead Labs next big game is Class 4 their zombie MMO.
They've got some people working on extra content for Survival Year One Edition and a small team working on Moonrise.

iNFAMOUZ11478d ago

i thought it would have sold more by now hmm
thats probably why theirs disagrees.

Multiplatguy1478d ago

2 million is loads, it's a lot more than the developers ever expected to sell, especially for an indie game.

This means it rivals quite a few AAA games in sales; Gears of War is considered a huge franchise by selling around 5 million so that should give you an idea of how successful 2 million is for State of Decay. In fact, it's not too far behind the last Gear of War game.

user3672721478d ago

I see the sequel being work on on xb1 and should be another killer app for the xb1. Well done and congrat on 2 million sold

TedCruzsTaint1478d ago

Glad to hear it. Very much deserved.
They provided the zombie survival experience I've been craving for a long, long time.

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