Too Human - Defender Skill Tree movie

Silicon Knights has released a new movie which looks at the Defender class using the game's intuitive Skill Tree system.

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dachiefsman3960d ago

when did 2 people become a party??

sorry I am still pissed about that.

IQUITN4G3960d ago

I'm quite convinced now this will be an excellent game with bags of replay

kewlkat0073960d ago

1. No other game like that out this Gen.
2. It's 2 player-Co-op.
3. Rpg elements reminiscent of Diablo.
4. Silicon Knights are good Devs and have made some good games.(They know Story)
5. Character development throughout the Series.

Seems like there is gonna be a lot to learn..Besides everything else, I just want the game to be technically sound. With all the delays and Engine issues they have been through, I'm hoping everything turn out OK. This is one of those games if marketed well, it will make a big splash. SCI-FI games always do, with Great story and Gameplay.