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Wasteland 2 is good fun but has some strange design choices that stop it from being a truly fantastic RPG, make no mistake; it is a great game with a great aesthetic and clever story but some of its systems feel as though they are under-utilized or poorly implemented to enhance the experience. Some of them such as the weapon jam trouble might be patched out in the future but other things are never going away.

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FrogSpork1478d ago

What an awesome opening paragraph, that alone made me want to play it more than I already did! Might have to add this to the consideration pile.

MRMagoo1231478d ago

It is a great game imo, the only thing I dont like is sometimes you dont have a clue where to go for certain quests and it takes a lot of walking around to get any where, there doesnt seem to be any kind of fast travel to places you have been to. The game is fun tho , there are pop culture references everywhere for example a pick axe weapon called notch and a pile of extra terrestrial game carts lol.

TenBensons1478d ago

Hahaha yeah I came across that and in my haste gathered them all up to sell back at the citadel, only to find they were worthless lol

3-4-51478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Waiting for Steam sale...because I KNOW it will be on sale.

I've been setting up my STEAM Fall Sale list.

* A bunch of $30-40 games that will end up being $10-20 each.

Looks good though.

It has that late 90's feel to it.

snowbearder1478d ago

Looks like it would still be a fun game, even with some of the flaws stated in the article

Ocsta1478d ago

This game is,imo,an instant classic. Enjoying it immensely! If you're a fan of Fallout, these "flaws" simply won't matter.