Watch Over Four Hours of PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne’s Fantastic Alpha Gameplay as New Invites Roll Out

If you’re not between the lucky ones invited to take part in Bloodborne‘s alpha, which will resume tomorrow, this might make you feel better (or maybe worse).

What might make you feel even better is that a new wave of invite has been rolled out.

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starchild1502d ago

Very atmospheric. Gameplay looks challenging and enjoyable like the Souls games.

XBLSkull1502d ago

Guess since I don't have PS+ I can't get into it. Awful 3 hour windows too means I would have been at work and unable to play it anyways. Oh well, looks fantastic. See you in 4 months Bloodborne.

SoapShoes1502d ago

February can't come quick enough!!

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Master-H1502d ago

Look at all these casuls.

iDadio1502d ago

Wasn't sure if the player was deliberately being terrible to show the move set of the cleric boss or if they was just aweful

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The story is too old to be commented.