Should Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS Share the Same Content?

This is something that has been emphazised on multiple times. The Wii U and 3DS version will offer the same content on both games except, essentially, they will not. This is what IMGMR writer Seif Mazzene believes the way they should treat the two versions of Smash Bros. 4.

Masahiro Sakurai, Creator and father to the Smash Bros. franchise, wishes to make the fourth installment of Smash Bros. on both 3DS and Wii U and that they can interact with each other in some way. We got the Direct video, the E3 Developer Roundtable and many Interviews, Sakurai is dead set on making the two version very similar, but still unique. Let us evaluate what is the pros and cons of this decision.

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randomass1711478d ago

If one version is prone to holding back the other then no.

-Foxtrot1478d ago

He did say the 3DS would most likely hold back the console version

Which is a shame because if there is only going to be one Smash Bros game (per gen so far) then you would make it the best you could. It's why I don't understand why he developed them together putting more stress on him and his team...and this is a guy who has calcific tendinitis in his shoulder something which causes pain when you move your arm.

randomass1711477d ago

It's because he is like any developer who wants to do a great job no matter what. The new game losing a feature or two and Ice Climbers because of 3DS is disappointing but not something to get upset about IMO. The new Smash demo was amazing to me and much better than the previous games. In spite of the short comings I'm excited. That all said I wanted to answer the question in the headline honestly lol.

deafdani1476d ago

Exactly what I thought.

It's been revealed that the reason the Ice Climbers didn't make the cut was simply because the 3DS couldn't handle them properly in the most taxing scenario (4 players all using the Ice Climbers, because that would effectively mean 8 characters on-screen).

And that makes me mad. I love the Ice Climbers, and I hate them being cut from the Wii U version just for the sake of parity.

I get it, the 3DS and Wii U versions of Smash are supposed to communicate in terms of characters... but I'd rather have the Ice Climbers only on the Wii U version, than not have them at all on either.

It's stupid. If the Wii U can do more, LET IT DO MORE. Don't hold it back.

Geekman1477d ago

It's gonna have to. For some reason people think Smash on a 3ds is as satisfying as it is on a console.

Summons751477d ago

I think there should be an option. I gave a lot of thought to this same discussion the other day. On the one hand when Smash U comes out you are not going to want to have to unlock everything again, it will feel like a drag. However, if you do get to unlock everything right away than a huge reason to keep playing the game is taken away. Smash is more fun when you know there are things to unlock, things to keep playing for but then again there are some people who will just want to jump into the multiplayer without having to spend the 20 hours unlocking everything. An option would be nice that way it's fair for everyone, if you want to then there it is, if you don't fair enough don't even look at the option.

princejb1341477d ago

I'm one of those people who don't care for unlocks unless is characters. 95% of the time I play to fight versus other people, friends or ransoms online

Errefus1477d ago

It depends, the 3DS version definitely held back the Wii u Version, i hope the Wii u version has more content. I would love for Nintendo to introduce the cross save feature, would love to see all the unlock-able characters on wii u version unlocked and still dig the new content if any.

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