Diving Headfirst Into A Second Video Game Crash

The end is nigh! The apocalypse of the video game industry is at hand… again!

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ArtificiallyYours1478d ago

Funny how we've said this since 2006... Lol.

Godmars2901478d ago

Probably because its been happening since 2006.

ET may have been the most noted sign of the 1980 crash, but the standards, or lack there of, which allowed such a game to be made were in place for some time. Continued because no one knew or even wanted to fix what were becoming ever obvious problems. Until the general public lost interest.

Atari continued to make consoles and games, they just never managed to capture a supportive enough market like the 2600 did. Things didn't change until Nintendo came in with a few standards of quality.

Now we're here, standards of quality have pretty much been thrown out the window. So its pretty much just a matter of time.

3-4-51478d ago


This was said in the 70's/80's, and then Nintendo with the NES " Saved" the industry.

Articles like this IS HOW YOU TELL who has integrity and ethics, and who is just lying to you to gain money.

uth111478d ago

This isn't like 1982 for a number of reasons.

Video gaming WAS a fad in the early 80s. Especially after people discovered pac-man. There was video game mania. Songs about games, cereals with Video game characters, Pac man TV show, arcades springing up in every strip mall. Everyone rushing in to make games for the 2600. But fads don't last, sometime sometime late 1982 people lost interest in gaming as fast as their Rubiks Cubes.

Gaming went from a mainstream thing to a niche thing. The other factor at work was that in starting around 1983, there was a push by companies that instead of buying videogame consoles, you should buy a home computer which could play the same games and so much more. So instead of snapping up Atari 2600 consoles, they were now buying Commodore 64's en masse. The console market died for those two reasons combined.

Today it's different. Gaming is more mainstream, and is well established. It's not faddish, although mobile and FB gamining might be. Instead of seeing a complete crash like in 1982, at worst only certain companies would be hurt by too much competition, or certain genres would suffer. Maybe profits would suffer overall for a year or two. But I don't see the factors at work that would lead to such a huge crash.

Ares84HU1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

But journalists have to create sensation and doom and gloom articles because they aren't capable to just be a proper video game journalist.

They fuel the console war, create hostility where isn't, hype games to infinity and make up stories about than only to later crap on them and destroy them in their reviews.

You think they would actually think and use logic??? No sir, that's not gaming journalism. I always say; gaming journalism is the lowest form of journalism because gaming journalists made it so.

TheWackyMan1478d ago

The market crashed because of over-saturation of consoles and Atari making terrible mistakes. Those were the two biggest factors in the video game crash.

It didn't crash because "it was a fad".

uth111478d ago

Oversaturation would normally only wipe out the weakest competitors. The crash literally killed the entire console market. The only way that could happen is if people didn't want them anymore, I.E. a fad. In a normal oversaturation situation, there is still a core market for these things, and somebody would be left standing to service these people.

from 1980-1982 video games were all the rage. It was all the kids in school talked about. Then suddenly nobody cared about videogames anymore. Many of the arcades started disappearing overnight. The same ones that were filled the year before! All the product tie-ins disappears. The few people who still liked video games were now buying Commodore and Atari computers to play them, or if they had money, Apple. That was the future. Nobody believed that game consoles had a place anymore. Nintendo had a very hard time convincing retailers otherwise.

Atari went from being Warner's multi-billion dollar cash cow to losing millions of dollars overnight. In retrospect they made mistakes, but despite what the gaming media would have you believe, E.T. did not cause the crash, it was the most notorious casualty of the crash. E.T. only sold a million or two copies out of 7 million projected. If it was a bad game, most people never found out as they didn't buy it in the first place. The reasons for the crash were deeper and prior to that.

If a million people buying a game and being disappointed in it was enough to crash the videogame market. The market would have crashed at least 3 times this year alone! :)

SteamPowered1478d ago

Video Games make more revenue than Hollywood right now. Looks like the Cinema wont survive either....

1478d ago
MaNonF1rE1478d ago

I understand some of the signs he's talking about with scandals, overdeveloped sequels, unoriginal ideas, etc. However with the new generation of consoles out and not even a chance yet to see what will come with the new generation, this is way blown out of proportion. Videogames do make more than the film industry and remember the Great Depression? The film industry was thriving! People need videogames and films to have some sort of escape, unless something radically new comes along I don't see these going anywhere for a long time. Plus as mentioned above in the 80s gaming was a fad, now it's mainstream.

Flyingdog6701478d ago

In all honestly, it probably won't happen again, Gaming is now much bigger than what it was back then, i just saw IG talking about it on their Monday Q&A. Adam said that what caused the crash in the 80's was the fact that developers were trying to make games as cheap as possible with minimal sales, now, developers are throwing a whole bunch of money at their games (GTAV) and are making huge profits, another factor is that there are now more ways to buy a game, with more places to buy there is a greater market. I don't see another crash coming, software sales are going up, consoles are doing well, PC is thriving, and everyone is having to a good time, unless their hiding this "crash" behind some invisible curtain, i can't see it coming :)

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