Sucker Punch Hiring Again After Layoffs: New Game In the Works at Sony’s First Party Studio?

Sucker Punch just published its first career opportunity ad after the round of layoffs in August, indicating that the cycle of hiring has restarted at the studio.

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Abash1504d ago

Given how successful inFamous: Second Son was, I'd say they they are gearing up for inFamous 4

-Foxtrot1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Still needs to be inFAMOUS 3 first. Second Son was more or less a spin off. I think they dropped the number for a reason and that's because they are saving the number titles for Cole stories if they ever bring him back since it's always good to leave doors open, not completely shut them.


Way I see it they should do another spin off going off the evil ending and you find out Deslin has become the (real) Beast from Kesslers timeline, corrupt with power since he's lost his brother and was outcasted by his tribe. At the end of that game you find out Cole has been resurrected which will lead into inFAMOUS 3 so Cole can take on the real Beast and have on epic show down against Delsin

Least then with the two characters they've introduced they would of shown us how power can give someone responsibility (Cole) but also end up corrupting you (Deslin)

TheEternalGamer1504d ago

I rather it be a New IP or a Sly Cooper game. As much as i want another Infamous i still think it may be early for another one to be in the works.

Its probably a new game or a Sly Cooper Game.

-Foxtrot1504d ago

Well I suppose they could always give Sucker Punch two teams.

As for Sly Cooper, I think they've moved on from him, let the other studio continue that franchise.

nX1504d ago

I hope they keep the lore intact and Cole dead & just tell a new story with a new character and especially, new powers. Delsin was alright but InFamous 1 is still my favourite game of the series and I think they can recapture the magic of it a second time.

-Foxtrot1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )


How can you hurt the lore if you make Deslin the real Beast

Cole was trained by Kessler to defeat the Beast, it's easy to establish that they just THOUGHT John was the Beast because of his powers. With time travel it's easy to say how the Butterfly effect created a second enemy for Cole.

Kessler said the Beast was a killing machine, a powerful maniac which showed no remorse. John White however tried to save conduits because activating the conduit gene inside sick people would cure them since they were immune to the plauge. In the end despite killing people his mind set was basically "Well humans are going to die anyway, I may aswell activate as many conduits there is to save as many as I can"

In the end if Deslin is revealed to be the Real Beast then Cole's story isn't finished is it since the whole point of the first game with Kessler was to DEFEAT the Beast which he will do inFAMOUS 3 ending Cole's trilogy once and for all.

JP13691504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I find your opinion difficult to take seriously when you don't even know that the protagonist in Second Son is Delsin, not Deslin (although you did get it right once, which was apparently just a typo). Sony dropped the numbers attached to more than one of their titles and for good reason; It's hard to attract new fans when they feel like they're missing part of the story. Second Son was the start of a new storyline, so it didn't make sense to call it inFamous 3 when it wasn't a continuation of the second game.
Also, SP went out of their way to say Cole is dead. Numerous times.

-Foxtrot1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )


So because I misspelt his name it means everything I've wrote is 100% false....right ok then ¬¬

When I wrote his name, typing fast I've obviously typed the "s" quicker before the "l". It happens...I made a mistake.

" It's hard to attract new fans when they feel like they're missing part of the story. Second Son was the start of a new storyline "

Nothing in Second Son established a "new storyline". It started with Delsin setting out to take Augustines power and ended when he "defeated" her. Unlike with Kessler it started off a story which would set up a new game.

The only ending which set up a sequel in some way was the evil ending.

If that was the case then they would of dropped the 4 in Uncharted 4: A Thieves End...with Uncharted being a much bigger franchise.

"Also, SP went out of their way to say Cole is dead. Numerous times"

Yes because they can't lie /s

Why would you ruin the surprise if you said "Yeah he'll be back" people would start to guess the story they *might* have planned out. Pretty close minded thinking on your part to be honest, I'm saying what I said above is true just a "what if".

ChronoJoe1504d ago

I don't think we'll see a continuation of Coles story. I think they didn't use the number 2 because they wanted to protect their brand, so if Second Son were received poorly then they could say it's 'just a spinoff' and not because they were reserving the numbered entry for Cole.

I think they did the same thing with Killzone Shadowfall too. However I do think we'll see a Killzone 4 someday.

If we do see an Infamous 3 I very much doubt it will feature Cole. They may revive the number to garner the game some more attention. I imagine Delsin will feature in at least one more game.

-Foxtrot1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )


Nah....Delsins story is done

As I've said above you can only do it if Delsin becomes the real Beast. His abilities are too over powered and would be better suited as a villain power.

Nobody wants to keep finding core relays aswell to learn most of the same moves again.

New character or Cole.

I really don't get the disagrees above, it's like no one paid attention to the first game and what Kessler told us about the Beast.

In Kesslers timeline he ran instead of fighting the Beast, this happened years after gaining his powers where he was married and soon had kids. Cole got his earlier so if we take into account the gap from the end of the second game to Second Son (Seven Years) that fits in with Kesslers timeline. Delsin could of existed and gained his powers in that timeline in a different way

JP13691504d ago

Yeah, becaue there's no way the good ending, with it's proclamation of a "second age" and it's coming-of-age story for Delsin could possibly be turned into a sequel in which Delsin attempts to live up to his potential in a world in which conduits and humans have forged a (most likely) shaky bond. Yep, there sure aren't any interesting stories to tell there./s
Not only is everything you've said pure speculation, it flies in the face of what the devs themselves have said.

"Second Son is an original storyline in the inFamous universe, featuring an all new lead protagonist, Delsin Rowe, with a new origin story. Cole MacGrath’s legacy from the first two inFamous titles ultimately concluded following the final events of inFamous 2 and he will not be returning. The inFamous universe holds so many interesting storylines and characters that we wanted to explore a new story arc for the franchise."

Pay special attention to phrases like "...he (Cole) will not be returning" and "...we wanted to explore a new story arc for the franchise." Weird how that quote and my previous statement seem to agree with one another, isn't it?

NukaCola1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Well they did a family friendly platform sleuther..
Then a series of action focused games....
Maybe they can now do something Mature and gritty.

example..Naughty Dog

Crash > JAK > Uncharted > The Last of Us

Mr Logic1503d ago

As appealing as it is to me I don't think they would go with the evil cannon. If you look at SS trophy data way more people ended the game good. Just like Infamous 2 and the developers said they accepted the good ending because that's what most people did.

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Fizzler1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

About time they started working on something different now, they've released 5 infamous games in the past 6 years.

SoapShoes1504d ago

But only 3 full games...

lelo2play1504d ago

No more Infamous. I would like a new IP from Sucker Punch.

Conzul1503d ago

I mean, if they're not bringing Cole back, lets have new IP.
M-rated, preferrably.

Mr_cheese1503d ago

Something about inFamous has just never caught me. The games look beautiful and are interesting, but I could never completely feel involved in it as it always felt like something was missing,= which is a shame.

For me, I would like a new IP from Sucker Punch.

assdan1503d ago

Let's hope. I F***ing love inFamous.

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Gravity_DoGG1504d ago

Could this be the moment Cole gets his powers in infamous 1? when he touches the electricity thingie?

LightDiego1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Would be great, dear, but Sanzaru is doing a great job with Sly Cooper now.
I want more Infamous from Sucker Punch.
@SoapShoes: Sanzaru made Thieves on Time and the remakes of PS2 games, i want a sequel made by them.

SoapShoes1504d ago

They are working on Sonic Boom 3DS so I'm not sure they are working on one right now unless they are doing both.

NovusTerminus1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Well, I'd assume they are not just sitting around doing nothing... So it's a safe bet...

Spotie1504d ago

A lot of people seem to think that, especially of Sony's studios, for some odd reason.

FlameHawk1504d ago

Wow, a gaming studio making a new game. Who would have guessed?

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