The secret of Bill Gates' success (Video Interview)

As Bill Gates prepares to end his full-time work at Microsoft, he tells the BBC in an interview that it wasn't just what Microsoft did, but what his rivals didn't do that let Microsoft get ahead.

"Most of our competitors were very poorly run," he tells Fiona Bruce, for The Money Programme.

"They did not understand how to bring in people with business experience and people with engineering experience and put them together. They did not understand how to go around the world."

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Fishy Fingers3771d ago

Whaaa? Bill Gates is probably the most prolific figure in the tech sector. A lot of people care about what he has to say, me included. Not interested, don't click on it.

Britjadg3771d ago

well said, the guy pretty much pioneered (or was at the forefront of) everything we love about the tech world.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3771d ago

...SCREWING People!!!;-D (i.e Customers)

Pain3771d ago

Copy,Steal,Cheat,Lie,Undermine ,Monopolize,buy out,did i say COPY AND STEAL??....

Bill and the House he Bought and the industry he infected with M$ products is despicable.

the 10 years of M$'s Dark Age of windows is Over. long Live Apple.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Oh yeah i forgot about the...Copy,Steal,Cheat,Lie, Undermine,Monopolize...

meepmoopmeep3771d ago

1. stealing from Apple

i like bill gates though, most times.

ChickeyCantor3771d ago

Ya know, Apple wasnt really the first XD look it up =)( not saying MS windows was before)

meepmoopmeep3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

i know apple isn't the first, but he stole a lot from them and put it into windows. even to this day.

on topic,

monopolizing, devouring small companies, anti-trust business practices should be added to the list.

PimpHandHappy3771d ago

is it because he was able to take other ppl's ideas and make them his own?

I have nothing bad to say about Mr Gates because he is doing a lot of good with his matter how ill gotten his money matter how many other ppl he had to crush with his wallet on his way to the top!

your right

ppl do care to listen to what this guy says just because he is so rich! Its not like MS has changed the PC world in anyway over the last 10 years!

You can find many other Operating Systems to use now thanks to Bill and can i add you can find many other BETTER OS's now.

Britjadg3771d ago

there are technically superior OS's yes.

but better? no. other than MAC no OS even comes close to being able to cater to the masses - i.e those without degrees in computing / programing an tech science.

kewlkat0073771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

and MACS have gotten better(becasue of open source but still is too prepriatory/rigid for the everyday masses/business.

With a PC you can do as you like with the hardware while saving on parts.

Windows is still very Practical and does what you want it to in most cases. But it's not perfect.

Fishy Fingers3771d ago

"Linux is for Nerds", So I guess Window is for people to scared to try something new?

Linux is actually very easy to run and use, if your PC isn't uber you will receive a large performance boost over Windows due to the much smaller OS footprint. Oh, and it's FREE.

You can run it directly off a disc if your worried about installing and effecting your PC. I recommend to anyone with the slightest of PC knowledge to give Linux a try.

AllroundGamer3771d ago

"The secret of Bill Gates' success" also known as "Stealing for Dummies" :D

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