VGChartz: Global Weekly, 20th September 2014

PS4 - 178,032 (-62%)
3DS - 98,177 (-4%)
XOne - 94,467 (-45%)
PS3 - 46,340 (-20%)
WiiU - 45,070 (+15%)
X360 - 28,909 (-16%)
PSV - 19,692 (-12%)
Wii - 6,067 (-3%)

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ABizzel11478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I literally just left to see if they have posted the numbers yet, and the PS4 is just killing it......STILL. Sony won this month hands down, and they'll have sold almost 1 million consoles in September alone (holiday numbers in September WOW)

3DS is holding strong in that 90k - 100k range, and the new model should push it back up into the 120k - 150k range. September numbers should be just shy of 400k for the 3DS.

XBO is finally starting to settle in, but the the final Tier 2 launch will boost their numbers again (as well as FH2), so we still won't be able to get a good idea of what they're averaging, and possibly not until 2015 since October is gameagedon, and the holiday season is right after that. But it's good for them to have their numbers up, and like I've said they should be in the 600k range (if the China numbers were really 100k) taking a comfortable 2nd place for September. It's great for them, but you can guarantee and XBO price drop is coming sooner or later (November - April).

PS3, the little console that could just keeps on going. It should be just shy of 200k units for September.

Wii U, is starting to drop back down, but numbers should skyrocket to MK8 numbers when Smash comes out, which is why they probably won't and don't need a price cut until 2015. 165k for the month.

360 is chugging along, just over 100k in sales for the month.

Vita, Japan alone is carrying the Vita with the NA and EU sales being awful. This is sad they're not getting over 100k in sales for September, the good news is PSTV is coming to NA in October, and EU in November and hopefully it'll get their numbers up, if not it's time to call it quits.

Wii it was a good run.

bouzebbal1478d ago

i'm loving the 3DS stability in sales volumes. new 3DS will be mine day one!

3-4-51478d ago

So Youkai Watch 2 is the new Pokemon ? lol

bouzebbal1478d ago

PS4 selling a million a month almost. it should have been on the way to 12 million by the time i'm writing these words.

NewMonday1478d ago

Hope Bayonetta sales are not true, and Nintendo fans complain about lack of 3rd party support

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SoapShoes1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Vita numbers are terrible in NA because you can't find them. They were sold out for awhile before the slim came out and this month they finally got new stock but it's only carried online. I haven't seen Vita in retail for awhile. I mean they aren't going to be great even if they meet demand but it'd be better than abysmal...

ipach1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

i wonder if they're saving all the silicon for the vita TVs... i'm excited about that little box, but i don't know. kind of suspect it's not going to make much of a splash sales-wise outside of core gamers

Gemmol1478d ago

come to new york there is a full shelf, probably 12 to 15, with maybe more in the back

BattleAxe1478d ago

The problem is while there are still games coming out for the Vita, Sony isn't making anymore triple A games for the system. It's the Uncharted, Killzone, Resistance, Infamous and Gran Turismo games that sell systems, but Sony has already said that they are not investing in anymore big games for the Vita.

I'm actually really confused as to why they are even bothering to release PS Vita TV in North America if they've got no plans to make any system sellers. It streams PS4 games...well thats great if you own a PS4, but how often would you actually use that feature over directly playing on your PS4? If you can't play on your PS4, chances are you have a PS3 or a 360 in another room anyway.

AndrewLB1478d ago

Vita sales were crap back when they were available everywhere. Stop making excuses for it. I'm probably going to buy a Vita TV though. I had borrowed my brothers Vita so I could play Ys: Celceta and between the small size, crappy audio level output, and how its impossible to get comfortable playing it for extended periods of time. Being able to use my computer display or even a picture in picture box will be outstanding.

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kneon1478d ago

Between launches in new countries, big game releases, new bundles and the holiday sales soon to start the numbers are going to be all over the place for a while.

You'll have to wait until the new year to see where things settle out, then we can get a sense of what the normal sales are like.

TheHybrid1478d ago

You are living vicariously through the success of a game console. You know this? Yes?

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tlougotg1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

When official numbers come out itll still be killing it, nothing is going to stop this train. idc what game comes out on the oppossing platform, people have spoken and first impressions go a longgggggggg wayyyyyyy.

Oh the salty disagrees, i love it!


The positive out of all this that benefits gamers the most is that due to the Xbone horrible messaging and Wiiu underpowere, narrowminded thinking comes growth. Already Microsoft is scrambling to try to make the Xbone "seem" better in other aspects and are doing good job with deals and firmware updates because they know if they dont they are even more screwed. Nintendo im sure is revising their whole game plan for their next console and ill bet itll be able to go toe to toe with next gen consoles and they are releasing their first party games slowly butsurely. So you see Ps4 dominiation helps gamers alot and we get good deals out of it. If Ps4 wasnt beating the crap out of Xbone ppl would have never gotten a kinectless sku

ABizzel11478d ago

I don't think any of the consoles will be able to win a single month of sales until they have something like a huge game and a price drop happen in the same month.

This was MS only shot at winning a full month for the year thanks to their Tier 2 launch, and while it shot their numbers up, Destiny + PS4 was just too much to handle. MS has a chance of winning "NPD" (aka US numbers only) for November thanks to Halo: MCC + COD bundle and people wanting to get into the Halo 5 beta, but even then it's still more than likely going to lose the Global numbers and the month of November.

I would have gave Smash a chance, but MK8 proved that it's unlikely to allow Nintendo to beat the PS4 as well.

I agree first impressions go a long way, and both MS and Nintendo gave Sony this generation, and brought the return of the PS2 among them. The only bit of good news for them is that I don't think they're both going to struggle with only 25m sales.

ramiuk11478d ago

u mean like when MS cut £39 off there console and included there supposed killer game(titanfall)

u can still buy the bundle now and it was limited edition

ABizzel11478d ago


TitanFall was marketed to be a huge game, but it was still unproven and graphically unimpressive (graphics can help sell a game too).

If MS has this $329 price drop with Halo, then they can win that month.

If Nintendo had a $50 price drop with Kart / Smash, they could win that month.

Other than that PS4 is going to dominate for a long time.

LOL_WUT1478d ago

Man PS3 is still putting out some decent numbers and congrats to the X1 its on the rise! ;)

DrRobotnik1478d ago

You seem very optimistic.

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