Final Fantasy XV Director Confirms No Character Switching and New Combat Details

With fans concerned over Final Fantasy XV's renewed development, director Hajime Tabata has finally cleared up a few of the most pressing issues.

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masterfox1478d ago

bad move very bad move, but in the end this is no surprise SquareEnix is full of bad moves.

sonypsnow1478d ago

"Character Switching, Not in its current specifications" Hajime Tabata, plus the game is 55% complete.

specifications are different than what the game plans to be.
Its like PS4 waiting for firmware updates like HSA, HUMA.

Keep up the demands, SquareEnix are hiring more people to develop FFXV, future specifications would have Character Switching.

gaffyh1478d ago

I'm completely fine with this. Even in the old games when you could switch characters it was more of a chore than anything else.

UltraNova1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Yeah I'm pretty interested in trying this new take in FF's battle system (in a full on FF release I mean). New fresh things are very needed in the FF series as the 3 latest titles proved.

Its been a while since I was eagerly awaiting to play an FF game, I think since FF-X. I hope my patience gets rewarded...

-Foxtrot1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

This guy has totally downgraded FF15 gameplay wise just because he thinks he knows what's best for us (see his interviews).

I defiantly saw switching characters in old gameplay videos of Versus because I remember them switching to the blonde hair guy and aiming his gun.

Why get rid of that, you could of had a variety of gameplay.

nunley331478d ago

yeah FFXV is a downgrade from the Versus PS3 gameplay we saw earlier. That game looked awesome and this isn't as much but it'll still be better that the 13 games.

-Foxtrot1478d ago

"but it'll still be better that the 13 games"

That's the only reason why I'm hanging on by a thread with this game.

GetSomeLoGiK1478d ago

That gun shooting move WASNT character switching, it was one of those duo moves you could do. They never showed any other character bein played in any of the videos. Honestly people are bitching about the game being like an ARPG but yet those same people probably loved the KH series.

torchic1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

why is GetSomeLogik getting disagrees?

that footage of the blonde guy shooting was literally the ONLY "character switching" (it really wasn't character switching) we've seen so far. Nomura said that he wanted to add a few moments in the game where you use the guy to shoot targets (presumably you'll be forced to use him at specified times). in the same way that when you drive, you "switch" to that dude with glasses. there never has been gameplay showing switching of characters during battle.

I don't understand the disappointment though? lol apart from the blonde guy the rest of Noctis crew look pretty "meh" to me in terms of skill set.

and in any case there will almost certainly be times where you'll play as other characters in the game to advance the story, like Stella Nox and probably King Caelum too.

Gardenia1478d ago

Be happy that the director of FF13 isn't working on this. Then it definitely would go downhill with this game

Irishguy951477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

The lack of knowledge is astounding, we were shown a vid of all characters being switched too. 2011 Versus 13. Nomura always planned to have character switching in, always. It was in for ages and talked about extensively in interviews.

Tabata took it out, I don't care much myself that it's out it's not that important, but it was in like Foxtrot states. Some people just like to make up there own facts to defend something its pathetic.

Anyhow, all I see are a bunch of people moaning about the games name again. The combat system has changed for the better with regards to using Noctis. Not being able to use the other is an annoyance only in that i'd like to use them, it's not detrimental to the gameplay or anything of the sort. Many games are fine with one playable character especially many RPG's. But because the game is FF it now sucks because you can't do that. Nice logic really. Just the same as people moaning that the combat system wasn't turn based, now more people are moaning that it's no longer Kingdom hearts with character switching. No, as far as i've seen and learned from the new info, the combat system has improved over KH. Just gotta wait and see with the demo.

kenpachii1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

They get rid of everything that is hard to made, of course Tabata san and others dont play a lot of old games, they think almost like with Ff 13 saga and do mistakes, their target is to CHANGE something a lot (doesnt matter if they broke all system), lets see how many CASUAL will buy the game...

I wish him best of luck, i think he gonna need that.

What if Assas Creed will go turn based in future ? seamless turn based to quote them, i bet people will go out in street for that...

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NukaCola1478d ago

Kingdom Hearts has no character switching. I don't get the disappointment. Can you explain your reasons?

Godmars2901478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Because FF was about character development even if it only skill sets. Up until Seven if not Six. And even then you had characters designed based on their class.

FF15 is just Kingdom Hearts in the FF universe sans philosophical themed generic baddies.

-Foxtrot1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

It wasn't supposed to be exactly like Kingdom Hearts

It was supposed to be influenced by the gameplay and add other things to it to make it seem fresh, letting you swap characters unlike KH was part of that.

Final Fantasy games have always been about all the characters and how they are impacted by the overall story. While Kingdom Hearts story is focused on Sora while the spin offs are focused on the character you play.

Stallion1478d ago

All these nerds acting like characters can't develop or impact the story if you can't switch to them. Lawl.

Inception1478d ago

People not complaining because it's Kingdom Hearts, NOT Final Fantasy. A different series with action RPG mechanic in it's mind.

But this...this is FINAL FANTASY where the tradition is you can switch freely between characters in your party. Hell, even spin-off like FF Type-0 also can switch between characters. So why stop now? Oh i know, they want more casual where old people and kids doesn't like to push a lot of buttons.


Did you ever play FF IX? In battle you can switch between characters and in story there this thing called Active Time Events where every characters showed their side story or to solve some puzzles that required two party in different location. So yeah, if FF IX can do it in a awesome way than why SE can't do it with XV???

Cha0tik1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

@NukaCola I don't get the disappointment either. They continue to complain about something they haven't actually played just yet.

@Stallion It's funny that nobody said anything about no character progression in any videos and others are complaining just because of the "One button" comment that was clearly a misunderstanding. People seem like they are just here to complain. Many of them are even saying they changed so much from Verses 13 which barely had any information on it. The gameplay videos look the game just with different graphic quality to me and the story had NO information on it besides what the trailer gave you... It looks like Type-0 and I just read that it plays like Type-0 so what's to complain about?

I'm still seeing the same game people. The only difference is that someone is speaking on it. If someone can show confirmed proof that it was supposed to be different please correct me and post it so I can have reason to be disappointed as well. If you're just going to say something without proof then it's just going to be another rumor to me.

Adrian_v011478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )


The point of Versus' battle system was switching between characters to use their strengths/exploit enemy weaknesses and to keep your combos going.

Looking for this interview, I read a lot past articles on the game while it was still Versus XIII. From what I read, that past game seemed a lot better. While Nomura's intention was to up the difficulty, Tabata wants to dumb it down. I don't like this new direction but to each their own.

P.s. what happened to the awesome huge Tokyo like city?

Cha0tik1478d ago


Oh alright, excuse my ignorance on the switching characters part in the past game. Thanks for supporting your words with links as well as not being an ass hole. :)

As for the huge Tokyo city... it hasn't been dismissed just yet. I still see the same game just not with changeable characters. I'm not saying changes weren't made I'm just saying we don't know enough to complain about all the things this guy got wrong. There could be a reason for the choices he has made as well as improvements to make these choices better than the original.

Once again thanks Adrian_v01!

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DevilOgreFish1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

"Final Fantasy XV Director Confirms No Character Switching and New Combat Details"

Aaaaaaand They actually just gave the FFXIII Trilogy one reason to own it.

Magicite1478d ago

gonna be grand game nevertheless.

Stallion1478d ago

It's really not that big of a deal.

Anderson81472d ago

i'll only be annoyed if its game over with the death of noctis and not the entire party

miyamoto1477d ago


I love PlayStation and Final Fantasy since FF VI on SNES but since ScrewedEnix has become such a sell out company it has been spiralling down the drain since it sold its soul to you know who.

I told you guys.

I know it when I see it.

Please Understand.

Final Fantasy is Finished.
Final Fantasy is Finished.
Final Fantasy is Finished.

Time to move on.

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jc485731478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

That's a little disappointing. He wants to make it simple, maybe too simple despite whatever thresholds the team is dealing it.

Number-Nine1478d ago

i miss the days of controlling everyone in my party

Rainbowcookie1477d ago

^^that and getting extra characters via codes and not dlc , heck even decent couch-co op . Too much copy paste and repeat nowadays

BitbyDeath1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

If you can't character switch then you better make damn sure it allows for local and online co-op.

Don't want a garbage AI party.

EDIT: Combat details sound garbage, i'm out.

MRMagoo1231478d ago

Yeh I am full of disappointment, I really hoped for a turn based game again from them with a giant open world map to explore with airships and chocobos, then I hear its not turn based which put me off a bit and now this news. This game is as finalfantasy as ff13 was. I may get it second hand some time like I did with all the ff13 games.

BitbyDeath1478d ago

Good thing FF1->FF9 are still a ton of fun to replay over and over again.

SE will never get it.

MRMagoo1231478d ago

I agree I have ff6,7,8,9,10, 10 part 2 and 12 at home still in original condition and I play them every now and again, I cant believe how wrong they have gone since then tho, I myself didnt like the fighting as much in 12 because of it being real time and all but 13 ugggggghhhhhh.

I can bet you if they spent their game budget remaking 7,8 and 9 they would sell waaaaaaaay more than these recent made for adhd kids games.

moegooner881478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Final Fantasy as we know it, is probably gone forever. I have no expectations anymore from SE.

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