PS360 In Upcoming Games Comparison

Scrawlfx writes:

Well, it is here. We've included every game like that isn't likely canceled or have recently been heard of that is not out yet (if we've forgotten any, feel free to tell us). Games without titles, besides Rockstar games, are not in here. Go ahead and take a look.

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TrevorPhillips3869d ago

some great games there looking forward to see :)

aliveinboston3869d ago

Not only did a number of PS3 games get omitted from the list and a bunch of el cheapo 360 games (such as monopoly!) get added to inflate the 360 list the premise and analysis is 5th grade quality.

The number of games, number of exclusives etc are all meaningless. The games that sell consoles are the few really good ones.

The only meaningful list is current and upcoming console exclusives that are certain to sell 4 million.

Everything else is just filler. This article has a lot of filler.

thewhoopimen3869d ago

Has Sony even announced their full game lineup? Shouldn't this list be made after E3 vs. b4? I mean how is anyone supposed to do a comparison when its known that MS harps while Sony waits for specific events to announce games? I don't get it, this list is useless.

ion6663869d ago

for 360, you cant compare any game to metal gear. so sad.

Tomdc3869d ago

I think if you look at upcoming DECENT games PS3 has slightly more. (all down to opinion of course!)

Dareaver13869d ago

monopoly is awesome, and if my experience with UNO is any indication, then i will have a lot of fun with this one too.

Some of you really should ask yourselves, what do you think are great games. Some games are great because the bring people together and let them share fun and laughs together. And with online being as big as it is now, just imagine the possibilities of gaming people all of the world and the great things that gaming is helping to accomplish.

I love Forza and Forza 2, and because of those games, i can say that i made some good friends online that are over seas. I can actually say that if it wasn't for some of these games, my views of the world would be much smaller.

Playing UNO i talked about anything. You play with people, and you talk about life, sometimes that's all it takes.

Games are games, regardless of graphical fidelity and etc. Sometimes the simplest of games can garner many people hours of fun and bring us together. Imagine if the Wii had gotten that jenga-like game right. That too would have been awesome.

Have any of you played Tetris splash on Live. It's awesome and nerve shattering. When you dump all your lines on someone else and see them try to take them down and then they smack you back with a Tetris. The screams from even the people watching. It's all awesome and worth it.

So let's not count out the little games, sometimes that have a whole lot of potential to be great gaming experiences. And they sometimes can really represent what gaming is all about.

Game on people.....

alster233869d ago

agreed on the right side on the featured part there is a whole forum based on ps3 exclusives

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dale13869d ago

PSN games
angel love online
angel rings
PS3 exculsives
2 team ico games
Tekken 6
yakuza 3
x edge
dark cloud 3
the cruicable
two worlds
you missed quite a few here sal

NO_PUDding3869d ago


Team ICO games are WHY, i bought a PS3.

And not only that but, PS3 has more true exclsuives, but if you look at the selection, which side would you prefer be on? I am defitnely happy with being on the PS3.

hideo kojima3869d ago


So hOw were the games from team ICO? maybe if they are good i can also buy ps3.

LeonSKennedy4Life3868d ago

Mr. Kojima...probably even better than the games you've made.

Yes, I'm not kidding.

Even YOU couldn't pull off the atmosphere Shadow of the Colossus created.

I even got attached to the world.

TrevorPhillips3869d ago

i knowwww he also missed out resident evil 5

Mr PS33869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

What a sh1t load of games we got to look forward
Suck it up bot's
There aint no damm comparison

Supposed to reply to Varsarus

Max Power3868d ago

its a list of console exclusives, re5 is multiplatform

BulletToothtony3869d ago

Cause the list that i have looked at it's at least twice as long..

InMyOpinion3868d ago

What games are missing then?

ice_prophecy3869d ago

their colour coding system is so painful to my eyes. Revamp it urgh!