The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Review | Winnipeg Free Press

"You spend so much of your time staring gobsmacked at the technical mastery on display that you often forget you're supposed to be playing a game. At times, it feels as if its designers forgot they were supposed to be making one. Actual puzzles to solve are few and far between and crime scene re-enactments simply consist of you numbering the events of a murder in chronological order. None of it comes close to matching the joy of simply exploring the environment. The mystery at the game's heart -- what happened to Ethan Carter? -- is an engaging idea to start with, but loses steam as the truth slowly comes into focus and is eventually solved with the eyerolling-iest of eyerolling endings.

You'll instead find yourself slowly enraptured by the game's other mystery: how did they get it to look so good? That's a mystery well worth looking into."

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