5 Reasons the DualShock 3 Rocks

In a follow up to why the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller rocks, Fuchal of takes a look at 5 reasons the DualShock 3 is still a force to be reckoned with in gaming controllers.

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Silogon4596d ago

I like the DS3, but it is showing its age. I love it, I really do and I prefer all multiplatform games on Ps3, even though they usually look like ass secreation, but the DS3 is still my reasoning behind it all.

with that said, get the triggers for them. They're 10 bucks at Amazon you can read a review I did of them if you'd like. Ds3 doesn't need to go away that's for sure.

Monchichi0254596d ago

The PS3 control has and has always been the #1 reason why it is not my console of choice? C'mon symbols instead of letters??? Who brianiac idea was that?

And the control is absolutely AWFUL for 1st person shooters! (Let's not even talk about the motion control over rumble idea!) Sorry but in my own personal opinion...the control must go!!!

dude_uk4596d ago


dude ur points make no sense....
about the symbols...
its like saying that traffic signals should be words or letters instead of symbols as well.

and about the dualshock 3 it is not absolutely awful for FPS's its not the best, but its still good, and the dualshock 3 does have rumble and motion sensing.
the only reason why rumble was taken out, was because of immersion's lawsuit

Shadow Flare4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

Monchichi025, simply what the hell are you talking about? Using the four symbols for buttons was genius from sony, its used as logo's for the playstation, its a unique thing of playstation that people think of. It stands out and is cooler then A,B,X, thats some awesome design right there.

Also, just a personal thing, i have never and will never understand why xbox fans prefer the analog sticks in messed up positions. I've used the xbox controller quite alot and the sticks are fairly comfortable but i find the ps3 sticks more comfortable. Let alone the d-pad is simply the best, the 4 main buttons are well designed and placed too. If theres any fault with the controller the triggers maybe could have been concave instead of convex but its no problem. I've never been annoyed by the triggers.

Also every single button except start, select and PS are pressure sensetive. 360 controller do that? Sixaxis is also rechargable, plus has motion sensing. DualShock 3 has my vote for best controller ever.

Wildarmsjecht4596d ago

Id love to play you in a FPS using the DS3 or Sixaxis and we'll come back and have the discussion about whether or not it sucks. Maybe it doesn't matter whether i Use a SA/DS3, a 360 controller, or mouse/kb, but the idea that fps cant be played well on those controller is simply ignorant.

LJWooly4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

What the hell? How is using symbols rather than letters a bad idea? The reason they used symbols rather than Japanese or English characters is that any culture on the face of the Earth can understand them, and use them. As far as I can see, that's pretty well thought-out. Also, it looks cool and unique, much more so than A, B, X, Y...

Of course, I suppose they can't cater to everyone, I suppose, as evidenced by yourself. Use your brain...

4596d ago
crank4596d ago

Mike my father isn't home tonight....

Bring Ice Cream

uie4rhig4596d ago

YAY, A,B,X,Y is so original, and is certainly not copied from the DS!! oh yeah, and it certainly makes sense since X comes after B in the alphabet..

dude, get your stupid arguments straight, i think sony was the first one to use symbols coz its much better than ABXY when trying to write cheats a page (sometimes)..

znu4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

It's more about what you played first and got a hang to

If your use to a ps controller, an xbox controller will be hard to use, thus you won't like it

Vice versa too, if you use xbox 360 controller you will find ps3 more unusable

one thing i have noticed is that the 360 controllers right analog stick is very sensitive(tight or hard to move) whereas ps3's is very un sensitive (loose). It could just be me but now that im used to it i can't go back.

Both controllers are nice but i play better regardlessly with the PS controller than an Xbox one anyday since im used to it. I can play fairly well with a 360 controller but nothing compared to ps3.

iHEARTboobs4596d ago

I don't think it sucks at all for FPS games. Don't believe the hype. I tried the 360 remote while playing COD4 and while it felt good the analogs felt weird because i'm so use to the PS remote. I hope sony tweeks the remote a little to better fit in your hand. I think thats all it really needs. Nothing major though. Oh and DS3 + MGS4 = awesome!

SmokeyMcBear4596d ago

i still say the original xbox controller is the worst controller ever!!! well maybe not, but i freaking hated it, clunky and useless white and black buttons. I dont like the bumpers on the 360 controller, but so much better than the black and white buttons. Too much reliance on the triggers though, not ever game is a FPS, something the 360 controller was made for, even though the bumpers are too small. The dpad on the 360 is also really bad. well anyways those are my 2.. monchichi. Maybe ABCD would have been better.. don you think?

edhe4596d ago

I disagree. I started on the playstation, up tot he dualshock then ps2 etc... I was always finding myself getting cramp. The xbox one wasn't much better but if ind the 360's great - i'd hate to back to that old design that my hands sprawl over.

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fllysurfer4596d ago

How does the PS3 controller offer the same as the Wii in motion controls? That´s a joke...

bloomerist4596d ago

it is not awful for first person shooters. i have played cod4 mp with both the 360 controller and ps3 controller. no controller gives me an advantage

r10004596d ago


No one here can honestly say.. one is bad, or one is better then the other etc..

You can only say that when referring to what YOU prefer.... If you talk to someone who was playing Sony consoles from the first Playstation days... you'd be really hard pressed to find someone who does not like it...

Same goes for the xbox

If anything Nintendo has had a different iteration of a controller pad every time a new console came out...

Dethspyder4596d ago

if that's true then I would OWN with Atari and intelavision and comador anyone remember those?

Mc Fadge4596d ago

Battery life on it is AMAZING. Lasts longer than my sixaxis controllers, which really surprises me with added rumble and what not O_o

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