This Enormous PS4 Bundle Is Bordering on Parody

Push Square - In addition to wiping the floor with Microsoft's abhorrent used games policies, Sony’s strategy for the latest generation seems to have centred on one very simple tactic: bundle everything. The platform holder has announced a dizzying number of hardware packages over the past 12 months, and this set available in Germany is the big daddy of them all.

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SoapShoes1476d ago

Well only in Europe... Europe gets all of the great bundles and that's one reason they do so well there.

admiralvic1476d ago

I think you mean Japan, since they tend to do awesome things like unique console designs instead of simply bundling things.

Anyway, since I am probably going to get a bunch of disagrees anyway, I'll go for broke. All things considered, this isn't even that great of a deal.

Just going off prices on Amazon (the version linked in the article), it says the bundle is EUR 499,99 VS EUR 398,76 for a standard PS4 + EUR 32,54 for Knack + EUR 44,99 for inFAMOUS + EUR 31,70 for Killzone or 507.99 total. So yeah, you save a whole $8 dollars (more or less) on this bundle. You can even toss in $12 for shipping to make it a $20 dollar savings and it still isn't that amazing of a deal.

FarEastOrient1476d ago

Is the SCEA alergic to bundles? SCEE and SCEJA are pumping out bundles left and right. With SCEJA taking the crown with customization of PS4 covers.

kantenkopf1476d ago

Uhm nooope. You seem to forget those prices are in Euro, therefore this bundle would cost 632,47$.

If you order the PS4 plus those three games on Amazon US right now you would pay a total of 489,74$, which equals 386,53 Euro, which means you could get this bundle for less then a single PS4 costs in Europe.

What a deal right? 1:1 conversion makes the money and if you can't sell single games, just bundle them extremely overpriced.

nitus101476d ago

Bundles for any console are a means of attracting new customers. I think most people who are considering purchasing say a PS4 as an example would rather purchase a bundle than the console and separate games especially when they can see that they can save money even if that saving is not that much.

bloodybutcher1475d ago

It's actually 45 iss,25 kz and 20sth knack,so it's not worth buying the bundle(i bought it,but prices of those games were higher)

NobleTeam3601475d ago

Yeah and those are new prices if I went used I'd save money over buying that bundle.

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indyman77771476d ago

That's not the reason they are doing well there! Beside's don't people remember we had bundles with three games in the United states?

If you didnt pre order the console only you was stuck getting a bundle if you lived in the wrong place. (except xbox one you could find that anywhere).

gangsta_red1476d ago

Not really a good bundle considering Knack and Killzone are offered, two very mediocre games. Would wait until something really good is offered with the console.

mixelon1476d ago

I can't vouch for knack but Killzone SF is a good game to have bundled. Fun MP, excellent show of graphical power, good audio, etc.

SoapShoes1476d ago

Killzone is a fine game. Knack... Well I played it and I really don't see the problem with it. It's a traditional platformer that's harder than you would expect. I think it got ragged on for the fact that it easily could have been a PS3 game or cross gen.

BX811476d ago

Yeah the only game there worth anything is second son. I never played knack because to me it just looked like a crappy game ( not fact just my opinion) and kz was the worse one imo. Now if youre on the fence I would say get the bundle. It's give you a wide variety of game play experiences.... Can't argue with that.

XanderZane1476d ago

I would wait. There will be better bundles with better games during the holidays. Knack is crap. KZ:SF is just average at best. KZ2 is still a better game overall. Infamous SS is a must have game that shows the PS4's power. I wouldn't waste my time with this bundle though. I'm waiting patiently for an awesome Wii U bundle.

Trawwx1476d ago

knack was garbage bruh

nitus101476d ago

I have never played Knack however you are definitely entitled to your opinion. I have seen other people playing Knack and IMHO it does look like a fun game but I think I would become bored with it fairly quickly.

As for KZ I have never been a fan of FPS's so I have no real interest there, dito with sports and fighting games. Infamous is IMHO a ok game but even though it is Action/adventure which I do like I still prefer RPG's like Skyrim which is more or less a combining of Action/Adventure with RPG features, which IMHO is the best of the two genres I like.

I personally prefer Action/Adventure and RPG's although I am not keen on on-line only or paying for subscription (Elder Scrolls on-line I am looking at you).

jetlian1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

gangsta red all of them are mediocre. In fact KK and KZ are on the low end. IF just barely makes average thanks to its graphics!

Your better off buying the system and getting other games than wasting your time on any of these games

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Volkama1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

I'm in the market for a PS4 at the moment. I'd snap that bundle up if it offered a decent price.

I have a PC and an Xbox One already, so the likes of Killzone, Infamous, TLOU, and even Knack are the only reasons for me to get the console right now. Most of them are right here in this bundle.

Haven't seen this bundle in the UK though :(

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