October 2014’s must-buy PS4 and Xbox One games

GameZone's Matt Liebl: "September may have kicked off a holiday season filled with blockbusters, but now we’re in the thick of it. Hope you’re over Destiny because things are only picking up this month with the release of games like Sunset Overdrive, NBA 2K15 Driveclub, Alien: Isolation, and The Evil Within. But with so many games coming out this month, it won’t hurt to be a bit selective. With that, let’s take a look at some of October 2014’s Xbox One and PS4 games that I consider “must-buy”. Also, keep in mind that this list is not based on reviews (though we are playing some of them currently), but rather impressions from hands-on time as well as trailers, interviews, and other news for each game."

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ZeroX98761479d ago

Shame I won't be able to experience the latest insomniac game since I got a PS4. I Hope Xbox owners give them a warm welcome :)

WeAreLegion1478d ago

I'm spending $400 just to play it, bro. It hurts.

MasterCornholio1478d ago

I'm thinking about renting an Xbox One just to play it.


DeadlyOreo1478d ago


That's a little too far for me. I'd rather give one game a miss than spend that much for it lol. Plus I'll be busy with The Evil Within and Borderlands :) there are so many good games coming out in the coming months.

MasterCornholio1478d ago


Well you can always rent the game and the console. That's what I'll do if the game is good.


Nothing wrong with renting a system to play a game that your interested in.

GodGinrai1478d ago

There will be plenty other games that will make it a worthwhile purchase,alongside SSOD, legion. FH2, Halo, ori, project spark, quantum break, fable legends and scale bound are all calling to you. Jump in. enjoy. And add me if you need a wingman, on halo..or a tour guide for the barn finds, on FH2.. You will need it on halo, if you never played it before. They dont go easy on beginners in that fact they think its a postive K/D feast. But ill protect you ;)

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Clunkyd1478d ago

Gotta love them quality exclusives.

Artista 1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

The closer we get to the release date the more excited I am for Sunset Overdrive.

GodGinrai1478d ago

Same here. I started to really take more notice during september, seen the vids on gamersyde. Love the art style. The play style seems to really work. And its got 8 player co op! I have seven friends who I can play this with so..yeah. Bring it on!

I can tell this is one of them games where I look back at, with my friends a few years down the line with fond memories. It seems like such a fun game to play over the Xmas holidays.

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DeezR1478d ago

nice list, but shadows of mordor is not on that list. And that's maybe the best game of october

shloobmm31478d ago

It all depends on your location. In the U.S it was a September game :)

RatchetandClank1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

these guys above are right, but its still sleeper hit of this year along with wolfenstein imo.

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