Far Cry 4: Open World Himalayan Beauty Meets Close Quarters Combat Frenzy - Preview | IBT

IBT: "I'm told that around 600 people have worked on Far Cry 4, and my goodness, does it show. This might be the best looking game ever – it's certainly the best I've played."

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irishyort1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

If it's not "always online" count me in, my Destiny bump offs and network issues are making me cry a little on the inside atm.

Far Cry 3 was one of the better gaming experiences I had last (current) gen.

By the looks of this, more of the same and better coming.

REDGUM1476d ago

I've been waiting for a stand out game to warrant an.upgrade from ps3 to ps4. I'm thinking this is the game.
It looking more of the same of FC3, which is good in my books. Better graphics, gameplay and an interesting environment.
Yeah, I think this is the ps4 upgrade game ive been looking for.

Can't wait. ... but will have to :(

starchild1476d ago

Yeah, it looks amazing. I loved Far Cry 3 so I have no doubt I'll love this.