NBA 2K15's Player Ratings are a Joke

Hardcore Gamer: 2K releasing their list of overall player ratings for NBA 2K15 gives us the chance to use hard statistical evidence to back up our opinions, as some of these ratings are nothing short of absurd. 2K and Take Two have made a series of egregious mistakes, begging one to question: what league have they been watching, exactly?

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medman1503d ago

Kendrick Perkins is absolutely hot garbage. And that's from a Celtics fan who never forgave him for tearing his knee up in game 6 of the finals doing absolutely nothing, leaving my Celtics bereft in the post dependant on old, out of shape Rasheed Wallace in game 7 to carry the load by his loansome, ending in a game 7 defeat against the Lakers that would surely have been a victory if the big oaf had merely been available to provide defensive presence and a few rebounds. Unbelievable. It still bothers me. Perkins is the devil, the devil is Perkins. I repeat, hot garbage.

TheTimeDoctor1502d ago

Kobe gave him a veterans slight shove as he was coming down. and who blames a dude for blowing out a knee? they have one more championship if danny ainge doesn't trade perk, Garnett was a paper tiger without perk in his later years with the Celtics. rasheed Wallace's back was garbage and he gave everything he had and left it all on the floor that year. he was a bum in the regular season but really played better than his body should have allowed. ball don't lie.

HeavenlySnipes1503d ago

Author fails to educate himself on the game and realize that the ratings aren't a general way to differentiate who is better than who

The new rating system gives a player his rating based on calculations that first assigns them to a role and calculates how well they fit in that role. A player like Kyle Korver is rated at 78 because he specializes in shooting and his excellence in that area rates him that high

For Perkins I'm assuming his role as an interior defender is what landed him a 74

Cueil1503d ago

Kyle Korver is a scoring wing... he plays his role better then 90 percent of wings in the NBA

HeavenlySnipes1502d ago

Lol no

Kyle Korver is a good defender (not great) and a great catch and shoot player

He is not a scorer in the sense that he can create for himself