Xboxes worth £1m stolen from depot

Thieves stole a consignment of Xbox 360 consoles worth £750,000 when they hijacked a lorry shortly after it left a depot near Lichfield, Staffordshire.

The Microsoft console, which retails at between £200 and £300, is destined to be close to the top of most youngsters' wish list for presents this Christmas.

The robbery comes after a separate incident at the depot, operated by Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, a week ago when a trailer containing Xbox 360s worth £260,000 was taken.

Staffordshire Police are appealing for witnesses to the hijacking, which happened on Monday shortly after 5am on the A38.

The gang, understood to be at least three men who were believed to be driving a Range Rover and Rover saloon, indicated to the lorry driver to slow down. He believed that they were informing him there was something trapped under his wheels so he pulled over on the southbound carriageway at Hilliard's Cross.

The gang attacked the driver before making off with the lorry. It was later found - empty - on the A38 at Minworth, Warwickshire.

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BlackCountryBob4346d ago

Yey, its good to see my native Midlands in the news! Bad reasons but still :)

shysun4346d ago

To bad they wont be able to sell's a 360!;)

PS3n3604346d ago

if it was a truckload of PS3's they would then have to hijack a truck full of hi-def cables to go with them. As well as a truckload of extended warranties and a Truckload of Japaneese gamers to give them to.

NJ1307RSX4346d ago

1) American Gamers want the PS3 more than Japanese gamers, just come to New York if you don't believe me!

2) You misspelled Japaneese it goes ''Japanese.''

UrbanJabroni4345d ago

"1) American Gamers want the PS3 more than Japanese gamers, just come to New York if you don't believe me! "
It is the good, hard facts like these that keep this site the accurate source for information that it is!

grilledcheese4345d ago

I always held the the people of ny in such high esteem. Now, I feel so disappointed knowing how they lust after the ps3 console as stated by sirRSX123012. I thought that great city had many discerning, informed gamers, but apparently, they all just want to resell that coveted console. Poor uninformed lot. Man RSX, I sure hope you're not pushing investment in sony just cause you prefer the ps3. (and its only an opinion) but i think sony is going to take a big hit here in the short-term. It's going to be like a year before they can even MAKE enough ps3's to outsell the 360. And profitibly? Um.. when? -$300 on each? Good luck with that!

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super bill4346d ago

i see sony,s boss ken kutargie has been up to his old tricks again.

borgome4346d ago

have a truck load of 360's vs. a truck load of PS3's because if I had a truck load of PS3's I would have to go to Japan to sell them. However the truck load of 360's would sell like hotcakes here in north america. Woot!

NJ1307RSX4346d ago

Do you even live in North America, because you sure don't know what your talking about. I live in New York and the PS3 is in such high demand here it makes the 360 look like a last-gen game system! Seriously, the PS3 sold out within the first 30 minutes in most stores. The xbox 360 is still selling well but sales have slowed a lot in the past few weeks.

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