Is the Metal Gear Solid series the best Stealth Games ever made?

This opinion asks if the Metal Gear Solid series the best game ever created?

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masterfox1476d ago

probably it is, since Splinter Cell blew it with double agent.

number 3 was the last good Splinter Cell it focus on stealth and your surroundings same as Metal Gear Solid, two awesome franchises back then, but now it only remain 1 awesome franchise for the stealth mechanic and that is MGS cause Kojima stayed true to its roots.

So for Ubisoft I can only say this,
if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Tdmd1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Blacklist was pretty good. One of the best games I've played on last gen. I wouldn't dismiss this franchise so soon. MGS is still my favorite though, but both are awesome.

miyamoto1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

I love MGS on PSOne to death but imho TENCHU: Stealth Assassins pioneered it all as pure stealth gameplay and deserves the credit it is due. It was like the "Demon's Souls" of PSOne and kickstarted the stealth genre from there on.

TENCHU also re-invented the ninja game genre.
I loved Shinobi Series on the Genesis and Ninja Gaiden on NES for all authentic Japanese the ninja action fun they brought but TENCHU showed us how the 'real world Japanese ninja experience' for the first time even pre-dating MGS.

It is also the first game to really make you feel the authentic Feudal Japan atmosphere for the first time. Like in Resident Evil the low poly count of the PSOne actually augmented the abstract vagueness of the game's premise.

TENCHU for the first time made us experience authentic "Enemy AI in a 3D World Environment" that really works.

TENCHU also is the first game to bring us the pure ecstasy and satisfaction of a well planned but hard earned stealth kill experience - no other game comes close to it.

TENCHU, though serious in tone, nevertheless brought us the best cutscene one liners that puts many cutscenes to shame.

Rainbowcookie1476d ago

I think it is since it's attention to the little things, that enhances gameplay and that humour that puts it in a class and style of it's own. Can be hard to follow if you are a new fan but man, there's not a lot of games like these.

DEEBO1476d ago

Metal gear is the grandfather of stealth.Since the 80's,i like the fact that alot of games have stealth gameplay.

Shadow of mordor stealth is fun,splinter cell is a another stealth game.I like socom for the ps2 had great stealth gameplay online and offline.

miyamoto1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )


“The steady flow of dark fantasy games and mecha are something we’d like to continue taking good care of,” said Miyazaki.

President of From Software Hidetaka Miyazaki has said he wants to create more Japanese-style video games.

As well as Dark Souls, From Software has also created Armored Core, Otogi and Tenchu.

Could we see From Software return to some of these beloved classics? With interest in the developer at an all-time high, it’s in a good position to revisit fan-favourites and deliver them to its new audience post-Dark Souls.

“The steady flow of dark fantasy games and mecha are something we’d like to continue taking good care of,” said Miyazaki.

“Mecha” equals Armored Core. And Tenchu, as well as the feudal Japan setting, also had a “dark fantasy” vibe using mystical and supernatural characters and opponents.

Here’s hoping. Fingers crossed.