The Theme Song for Square Enix's New Game is Quite Beautiful

Japanese singer GACKT has revealed his 45th single, “Akatsukizukuyo: Day Breakers.”

It is the theme song for Square Enix's new mobile game 3594e, which is based on the story of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a Chinese historical novel. GACKT will also voice the playable character military general Lü Bu, who he is portraying in this video.

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Lord_Sloth1474d ago

I really like some of his music. The End of Silence specifically.

hay1473d ago

All of this for a mobile milkage game?

ameliabaz1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Ok am I the only one who wasn't expecting such a deep voice to come out of that guy lol. That's a pretty cool song though and so much better than most j-pop crap that gets put in games nowadays. Too bad its being wasted on a mobile game.

j0ncap1251474d ago

That's because Gackt is a mother fucking G.

Pozzle1474d ago

Hell yeah. There's a reason he's been popular for two decades while other Japanese singers fade into obscurity after a couple of years. The dude's talented as hell.

98xpresent1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

What's so Beautiful about This music. Can somebody explain it to me

FullmetalRoyale1474d ago

One does not simply explain music.

You either feel it, or you do not.

InMyOpinion1474d ago

Talk about tacky. Perhaps it's good compared to other J-Pop music? I don't know. Never understood why people listen to it. To me it sounds like some kind of overproduced 80's metal ballad, except the songwriting and execution is much worse.

Lord_Sloth1473d ago

Why do people listen to Country? Why do people listen to Rap? Why do people listen to Dubstep? It's all atrocious to me but this is where individual taste comes into play. You'll never understand if you don't like it.

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