Atari issues statement regarding AITD review scores

Atari has issued a statement to about the recent reviews of Alone in the Dark. The company said that it's happy with UK reviews of AITD, but refused to comment when asked about the legal rumours that have started appearing on the web.

"We're happy with the review scores in the UK," a spokesperson explained. "We believe the game speaks for itself."

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Alexander Roy3772d ago

Yes, the game speaks for itself. Apparently, it says it's sh't.

Capt CHAOS3772d ago

Too late Atari, we know the truth, it's everywhere on the net.

Shame though. :-(

urban bohemian3772d ago

I really think its worth a rental, from what ive heard from two of my mates who have it, the controls are hard but its a quality game.

BrotherNick3772d ago

Guys, try the game before you say it's crap...don't let people tell you what to like. Rent it if it seems interesting

kingme713772d ago

Metacritic currently has it at 64. I wouldn't be too thrilled with that if I was Atari, especially since this is supposed to be a blockbuster title for them.

kewlkat0073772d ago

go buy the Game and play it for yourself....

This industry is going down the tubes.

Only heavy marketed and hyped games will sell on that, alone.

Wolf8733772d ago

refine the control scheme and make other improvements in the PS3 version of the game, the extra wait would be justified in that case.

hideo kojima3772d ago

I wanna see my old buddy Phil come up with a spin. He's a great one at it.

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