Preview: Alien: Isolation on Oculus Rift [VRFocus]

VRFocus - In 1979 audiences were terrified by a man in a latex suit. That man was Bolaji Badejo and that suit was the now-unmistakable Xenomorph, a grotesque, deadly creature that went on to become the star of 1979’s Alien. It’s now 2014 and, just like rubber sharks, Badejo in a latex suit doesn’t prove quite as scary any more. In fact, it takes a lot more to disturb the modern, desensitised audience. So how does a franchise such as Alien stay relevant? By adapting, evolving and continuing to offer new ways to bring that classic horror to a more demanding audience. It’s been a bumpy road for the series of late but, with Alien: Isolation and its prototype Oculus Rift support, it might have just 2014’s equivalent of the latex suit.

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