8 Ways Gamergate is Hiding Real Problems in Games Journalism

"Gamergate eh? I bet you’ve tried to explain it to someone who doesn’t follow games and realized how ridiculous it all is. Depending on who you are, you’ve either simplified the whole thing down to:

1. The games press are obviously corrupt, they all accept cash for good review scores and we can’t trust them at all.

2. It’s a bunch of troglodyte misogynists who are using journalistic integrity as an excuse to chase women out of games."

Says CalmDownTom

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Dark_Overlord1502d ago

Yet completely misses big points such as the 'Indie go go campaign' and 'Zoe Quinn sabotaging a fund raiser'. The fact that certain individuals (and the groups they associate with) can control what they do/don't want happening is a pile of crap, nobody should have that type of control.