Top 5 Funniest Moments of Final Fantasy VII

EyesOnFF: "I think something a lot of people can agree on is that Final Fantasy VII had a sense of humour. It may not have been everybody's sense of humour, but it was there. Loud and clear. That is something I can respect in a game. Not taking itself too seriously, taking a few moments to encourage us to smile, give the characters a break from the tragedies they go through. I encourage you all to put on your silly hats and join me as I list the moments that made me laugh most."

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GenericNameHere1501d ago

There's only one possible way to portray the cross-dressing part in a remake: Make Cloud dress and look like Lightning.

DiscoKid1501d ago

I dunno, that picture looks somewhat convincing. What I don't get is how Cloud was able to mask his voice and get away with it!

tanukisuit1501d ago

oh my sweet Jesus! That thumbnail picture - my eyes!

cpayne931501d ago

The truck moment was pretty awesome, last thing I saw coming. The part where you can screw up a play cloud and aeris were in was pretty funny too.

Vanfernal1501d ago

That scene where the albino guy appears out of nowhere and stabs the flower girl while the blonde guy just watches and refuses to use a Phoenix down on her!

GenericNameHere1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

That same blonde guy also refused to use a Phoenix Down on the dude that made him who he was as a SOLDIER! What's worse, he then gets a crush on the flower girl that his dead friend used to have a love interest with. Scumbag Cloud.