10 Surprising Ways Video Games Are Actually Good For You

The perfect article for telling nagging parents and partners "I told you so!"

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Muneebsalman991478d ago

I didn't got the time to read full article but still it's very interesting.
I have been playing games since my childhood and i will say that gaming was one of my teachers. Playing online multiplayer games improved my english. Single player also improved my vocabulary. Playing realtime-strategy game was an exercise for mind as well as a lesson of History. But nowadays strategy games are not that good. There are many more benefits of Gaming but i think parents will never understand it.......

Utalkin2me1477d ago ShowReplies(2)
SteamPowered1477d ago

My Boredom:Mayhem ratio is way waaaay down since I discovered video games.

Ocsta1477d ago

The happiest, most well adjusted people in my life are gamers. I don't know what it means to feel depressed, or bored. I attribute that to gaming since I was knee high to a Goomba's eye.

LightDiego1477d ago

I already posted on another article explaining how games are important for me. It's cool to read these experiences from other players.

Gezmoyassine1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

May i add that Video Game replaces the need for a Woman.Muahaha lol Vido Games is men's vibrators XD LOL
See we have options too!