PlayStation Home is Done and 'neotopia' is Hoping to Take its Place on the PS4

Did you use PlayStation Home? Are you sad that it's coming to an end? Well, don't lose hope! neotopia is hoping to replace your virtual world needs on the PS4 console.

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jrshankill1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Kickstarter campaign?! £250,000 goal??

I don't see why Sony isn't funding this project (if there are hopes it will replace Home).

Still, if people wish to donate then why not 'eh?

I'll pass.

ThunderPulse1477d ago

PS Home was boring after you messing around on it for a few hours.

caseh1477d ago

I only got any use out of it when I broke my fingers playing football, couldn't play anything other than pool on PSHome.

It was just a huge shopping mall for companies to advertise their wares, missed opportunity right there.

Rob72741477d ago

I had high hopes for Home....maybe too high.
I think with the Internet connection I had back then plus going into it when it 1st launched it put me off for good.

I hope Sony can do something better in the future... This is a kickstarter so I guess it has no Sony support.

tlougotg1477d ago

Home was a great concept that was realized fairly well given the hardware limitations but also had its drawbacks. If something like home was done on Ps4 it would be alot better, i hope it does happen.

XtraTrstrL1477d ago

Imagine walking around someone's Home mansion, then sitting in the gameroom and picking up DS4s and playing a local co-op game through SharePlay.

SonyStyled1477d ago


Are you talking about gamelaunching? Because Home already had that. From Home you could set up a game launch event. Other people in Home can see open game launches and if they owned the game they can join in the launch event and when you have enough people you boot up the game directly from Home. Nobody used it about a week after the feature was put in

Kidmyst1477d ago

I felt the same, I think with Home Sony made to big of promises like being able to stream music and videos off your console only to run into license issues. I had fun in home, got free places for my avatar and the few linking to games and rewards was cool. I had just hooped they would put in Trophy support and a better way to integrate it into everyday playing. It became a separate type of game that had fun games within it, but just didn't integrate well. I'll miss it though, it did have good things to it if you gave it a chance.

UltraNova1476d ago

Yeah exactly the internet connection I had when the thing launched was terrible contributing to its inevitable abandonment. For example, when I had to download a new area I wanted to visit I had to wait for at least an hour and the download would crash most times. I know my IP and speed was the main culprit but there wasn't much fun there to begin with.

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Father__Merrin1477d ago

we need a home replacement but one that uses simple mii like simple avatars that you can customise, same goes for game areas

Blastoise1477d ago

I dont want "Mii" like characters anywhere near my PS4, hate those things lol

WeAreLegion1477d ago

The full bodies were great. I want my avatar to look human.

MrSec841477d ago

Sony should make their system unique, no need to copy anyone else.
Going with a fully customizable avatar, you make it look how you want would be the best option.

iiorestesii1477d ago

But what will become of us?

princejb1341477d ago

I used ps home a few times but it just wasn't fun to use for me

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The story is too old to be commented.