WorthPlaying Review - 'Dracula: Origin'

WorthPlaying writes: "Whether you're watching Bela Lugosi at his black-and-white best or whipping your way across Konami's Castlevania as a member of the Belmont family, Dracula's versatility as an iconic villain has run the gamut from a tragic, lovelorn figure to someone who seeks to destroy the world. Frogwares, probably best known for its Sherlock Holmes adventure series, has added its own twist to the mythos surrounding Vlad Tepes with Dracula: Origin, a title that takes a slightly different look at how he came to be the granddaddy of all vampires.

Players star as Van Helsing, who has just received word from Jonathan Harker, which can only mean that he has failed to stop Dracula. As the story begins, we're led to deduce that Van Helsing has been on the hunt for the infamous count and that Harker was sent to follow a lead about where the nefarious vampire may be hiding. Unfortunately, as Van Helsing finds in the opening moments of the game, Harker won't be coming back anytime soon due to excessive blood loss. That leaves the self-appointed vampire hunter to continue the chase on his own while making sure that no harm comes to Mina, Harker's beloved."

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