Dev Explains Why Toren Is PS4 Exclusive For Now, Runs Much Faster On PS4 Than Regular PCs

Creative director Alessandro Martinello says the team is aiming for more realistic and detailing lighting on PS4.

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Eonjay1569d ago

I swear I hear about a new game everyday. Never heard of this before.

Here is a trailer:

internationterrorist1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

[email protected]

Thank you for the trailer posted. I that's real time gameplay it looks great. I will keep my eyes on it. Wow love a Zelda type game on PS4. Bubble up helpful

bouzebbal1568d ago

it's written Ico all over it!
thanks for the video! looks nice but still to be polished

uth111568d ago

Yes true. But there were so many games that were announced that you haven't heard a peep from since. I'd like to start hearing more about estimated release dates for games already announced, like Shadow of the Beast, Grim Fandango, Night in the Woods, etc.

starchild1568d ago

It reminds me of games like Ico and Rime. I loved Ico and this game looks like it will be great too.

Welcome to the wonderful world of indie games.

Chrischi19881569d ago

Yeah, if they chose what a regular PC is, then it can, but looking at statistics, not so much.

Eonjay1569d ago

What statistics are you referring to?

BiggerBoss1569d ago

Statistically, compared to a regular PC, the Ps4 runs faster

Spotie1568d ago

Pretty sure regular PCs are weaker than you're thinking.

Chrischi19881568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Well, I am referring to PCs, which are used for gaming. If you want to take every PC up against a console, of course not, this is what I meant by choosing. If you are a game dev, you would also only consider gaming PCs a gaming capable PC, if it at least has some power. And speaking of gaming PCs, which are able to play modern games, there are more and more powerful PCs, than PS4s out there.

Average PC vs PS4, PS4 wins

Average gaming Rig for new games vs PS4, the PC wins (in power and numbers)

That doesnt make the PS4 in any way bad, but it is just not as good as powerful as a PC, face it, everyone who is not in some kind of fanboy membership knows this, it is logic. Look at how many real desktop graphics units were sold from 2012 per quarter year, even if only 15% from 2012 graphics units were as powerful as the PS4s GPU, there are more PCs more capable. Think about what happened the past 2 years, these numbers didnt change. Everyone of you should be able to use google and look up numbers of non integrated graphic units and from 2013 on, the average sold Unit is as powerful as the PS4 GPU. Look up those numbers, add them, you will see, that this is the truth.

starchild1568d ago

Yeah, we know from sales figures of graphics cards that there are easily tens of millions of gaming PCs out there that are more powerful than either console.

But the consoles are still a great, economical option with some fantastic games of their own.

mysteryraz111568d ago

yet multiplats sell better on consoles still, so I guess either these ppl arent playing aaa games or arent using them for gaming or their arent that many ppl with powerful pcs in this world as pc fanboys say there is, ports sell better on last gen consoles then they do on the pc,so where are all these pc owners?

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GarrusVakarian1569d ago

What exactly is a "regular" PC?

FsterThnFTL1569d ago

I think basic PCs without any dedicated GPUs in them.

uth111568d ago

maybe the average PC people own whose video card alone doesn't cost as much as a console?

kantenkopf1568d ago

That is just such an uninformed comment.

Even a GPU that costs third the price of the PS4 can outperform it.

FsterThnFTL1569d ago

I think what is meant is regular PCs have crappy Intel videocards, so it is completely obvious that PS4 will run faster than them. But a PC with a decent videocard from AMD/Nvidia should be able to run at PS4 level of performance or higher.

ABizzel11568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Depends on which series the cards is from, and what model the card is.

Based on the Steam results most "gaming PCs" on steam are in-between the PS4 and XBO performance wise.

The majority have Dual - Quad Core Intel CPUs (I'm guess i3 / i5 which for the most part is a win for them), GTX 560 ti equivalent GPUs give of take (so right between XBO and PS4), 4GB - 8GB of system RAM, and 2GB of GDDR5.

So over the PS4 is a tad bit better than the average gaming PC, but it won't be for long since we're entering the 3rd GPU generation since the 560 ti's introduction.

Now if you include normal computers, than the PS4 and XBO are crushing the majority of those onboard graphics unless they have a brand new A10 (which the PS4 and XBO are still about 2x - 3x ahead of).

jhoward5851569d ago

Here's more on Toren. There's a bit of game play footage at the end.

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