GTA 5 Title Update 1.17 patch notes detailed

GameZone: "A new Title Update (version 1.17) has been released for Grand Theft Auto 5. Though the big feature the brand new Last Team Standing Creator Mode and all sorts of new vehicles and weapons, there are a number of other features adding to GTA 5's quality of life. And, of course, there's a list of bug/exploit fixes -- all of which are detailed in the patch notes below. Sadly, there's no mention of heists so don't get your hopes up."

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ArtificiallyYours1502d ago

...Yep, Heists = Current Gen only is seeming more likely.

Not complaining, the X1/PS4 versions look amazing, but thanks for constantly rubbing it in our face. :P

Blacktric1501d ago

"Current Gen only is seeming more likely."

Not gonna happen unless Rockstar wants to get sued for lying about an unreleased product. Heists were shown in the first Online trailer released back in August 2013. They have no choice but to release them on current gen.

Remy_Chaos1502d ago

There will never be heists, only the one RockStar pulls on everyone buying the shark cards.

alphanumerick1501d ago

If heists ever do come it will be such a disappointment

1501d ago