Xbox 360 gamers love books more than PS3 owners, while PS3 lovers play more Monopoly

A new Experian Consumer Research survey comparing Xbox 360 and PS3 owners has thrown up some great, and frankly comedy, results.

Apparently, Xbox 360 users are more likely to say they are unable to live without books than their PS3 counterparts.

But the PS3 contingent hit back hard on the newspaper front, with way more respondents (well, 103 compared to 60) saying they would be dead if they didn't have newspapers.

The age of console owners is also interesting…with more in the 18-24 age bracket loving their Wiis, but by the time you reach 44, you're far more likely to own a PS3…almost twice as likely in fact.

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Capt CHAOS3774d ago

does the typical sony fanboy sounds like an immature child?

mikeslemonade3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Cause I lost in Monopoly prior to going on N4G and i'm here to vent my anger on you xbox users!

darkshiz3774d ago

I guess you're to use to hearing Xbox live kids to notice.

Yoma3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

I have played very very much 360 and more ps3. I have still noticed like 100000 times more childs on the Live than PSN.

Sorry, nice try

Sez 3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

you have to understand that most of these sonyfanboys are going thru their second childhood. thats why they sound like immature children.

the reason you hear more children on live. is because they have headsets. while noone talks on psn. which sucks for games that have to us teamwork.

Capt CHAOS3774d ago

The owners are more likely to be wanting to read a book during the install time..

Isaac3774d ago

They're still in middle school.

By the way,

does the typical sony fanboy sounds like an immature child? "

Stupid question, since it goes both ways. "The typical sony fanboy", whoever you are talking about, is not "the typical PS3 owner". However, it seems that it is more common for "the typical xbox fanboy" to be "the typical xbox owner", as results of the age of Xbox owners are out already. I shouldn't have to explain that though. Oh wait, you're in middle school...

juuken3774d ago

I love how you guys take these stupid studies to heart.
Did you know that most of those studies aren't even accurate to begin with? I'm a Sony fan and I read books. I have a pretty solid education, otherwise I wouldn't have made it out of college.
This study is full of baloney.

Panthers3774d ago

Exactly. They read more because they have to. They are still in middle school.

thewhoopimen3774d ago

Hey Vega75, weren't you a 1 game Ps3 Owner just a few newsposts up? What a dumbass. burrrrn!~

(my immature posting of the day)

gaffyh3774d ago

what the hell kinda bullsh*t polls does this research company take?

Nobody cares.

season0073774d ago

I wondered for a second when i actually read that powerpoint

COMICS is one kind of books right? or MAGAZINES...

meh, newspaper says it all, definitely more adults read newspaper than teenagers...

Tomdc3774d ago

I love books and monopoly!

Stephen Colbert3774d ago

its like a f**cking circle jerk of retards commenting eachother on they're own f**cking stupid hypothesis that don't even make sense in the least.


then get a f**king life. wonder i stopped posting on this site. its full of militant children with a keyboard.

donator3774d ago

Ironic, I would have thought Microsoft loved Monopoly...

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Ashton3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

what's up with these random studies,,,,,what's next?xbox 360 owners je*k off more often?Ps3 owners take sh*t more often?

Fishy Fingers3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

If this gets approved it's truely a new low for N4G. Go find some actual gaming news.

Approval status is obviously far to easy to achieve.

Calcio3774d ago

Did you actually read the article? It's clearly poking fun at what was obviously a lighthearted survey.
IMO it's interesting and silly and what's wrong with posting that?
Is it any less valid than bunch of screenshots or someone's opinion piece on what the next Xbox should have, or what *should* be in the next PS firmware upgrade?
Is this, in your opinion, better gaming news than the hula hooping Wii Fit stuff?
AFAIC anythign people want to click on has justification as a post.

Fishy Fingers3774d ago

Yes, like everything I comment on I read it.

We have already had the survey posted telling of which age groups prefer with console so basically, this tells us 360 owners like books and ps3 owners like Monopoly. Thats something you find interesting?

Who were surveyed? How many were surveyed? Where did the survey take place? Perhaps you don't find the lack of that information important? I do.

Calcio3774d ago

...which is one of the biggest consumer survey groups in the UK, but the fact that the survey has been published (and therefore could feasibly end up in the mainstream UK media tomorrow) merits the article.
And the fact that there is a discussion around it already suggests that people are interested...

Silogon3774d ago

Xbox 360 owners like books more than ps3 owners huh?

This could also be taken as:

Xbox 360 owners like to lie more than Sony owners.

InMyOpinion3774d ago

How many persons participated in their survey?

I bet it was two. One 360 owner and one PS3 owner.