PlayDevil: FIFA 15 Review

PlayDevil has reviewed FIFA 15 for Xbox One

Here is a snippet:

"But that comes at the expense of heading, which has been nerfed to the point that I could only score with giant players, and your overall defence strategy, which is far harder to successfully co-ordinate, even with the pace issue. It is more rewarding to defend (you can no longer get away with holding down A), but it seems like the FIFA games are now no longer concentrating on meaningful AI or gameplay updates, but tinkering with the existing gameplay engine."

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GamerKnights1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Do any of you see any improvements between Xbox One and PS4?

scotmacb1569d ago

No fifa 14 and 15 are exactly the same on both 1080p/60fps and same textures and effects