Xbox One Exclusive Sunset Overdrive is "The Opposite of The Last of Us" says Insomniac

"Everything is on the table," says Sunset Overdrive creative director Marcus Smith--including breaking the fourth wall.

Speaking to GameSpot for EB Expo 2014, Sunset Overdrive creative director Marcus Smith described Insomniac's upcoming colourful and bombastic Xbox One exclusive action game as being "the opposite of The Last of Us."

"I love The Last of Us, it's a great game," Smith went on to say. "There are games that have tried to eliminate the HUD - but a HUD is how you know a lot of information, so by removing it there's that ambiguity. For us, we embrace that there's a HUD and we call it out a lot of times and the player character will remind the player occasionally about things that are very gamey.

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rarity1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Tlou is the most goty awarded game of all time and has a 95 on metacritic so if this is the opposite of I kid I kid I'm sure sunset overdrive will be amazing all the previews were positive and everyone who's played it loved it. It might even be a contender for goty.

GarrusVakarian1503d ago

The title kinda makes it looks like they're bashing TLoU, but they're really not. So please read the article before jumping to conclusions, people. ;)

In regards to the HUD, I much prefer the approach that games like Tomb Raider: DE and The Last of Us use, where the HUD only appears when you need it to (when you bring up your HUD, when you fire a shot, when you are hurt). I don't like HUDs that are permanently on-screen. But hey, Its no biggie. Can't wait for this game.

Eonjay1503d ago

TLOU could get away without the HUD, but it looks like this game may have too much going on, so a HUD may be necessary. I don't mind it at all either way.

GarrusVakarian1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I mean to say when you bring up your weapon, not "when you bring up your HUD".


Good point, I didn't think of that.

blitz06231503d ago

Whatta headline. They're basically saying while TLoU didn't have a HUD, SO will, and somehow that translates to being opposite of each other. SMH

cleft51503d ago

I get that he means that the game isn't depressing but upbeat and fun. But the whole time I kept thinking, does he mean it is bad. They really need to be careful with those types of comparisons. It's like the whole Halo comparison for Planetside 2, some comparisons just hurt more than help.

Mr Pumblechook1503d ago

Insomniac say "Xbox One Exclusive Sunset Overdrive is "The Opposite of The Last of Us."

The Last of Us is excellent, unique and unforgettable.

Samsara821503d ago

yeah clickbait title...when all they are talking is the HUD lol

4Sh0w1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Yeah, dont take it out of context. I mean even besides the HUD you can tell that SSO and TLOU are opposites in almost every way= game type/genre, setting, characters, game play, artistic style, etc, etc, lol both games are so different I don't even see any reason to compare them at all...Let's hope though that SSO is close to TLOU in one category which is quality.

NukaCola1503d ago

Insomniac is a great developer. As long as MS didn't mess with their development process then the game will be great.

Hellsvacancy1503d ago

That's how I had the hud set for the Dark Souls 2, it hate screen pollution

Kingdomcome2471503d ago

I loved the way in which Dead Space dealt with the hud. I wish that more games would go that route.

Haru1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

N'ah Those 2 games have absolutely nothing in common they're just using The last of us popularity for attention since it's among the best games ever created,they're just trying to gain more attention because nobody really talks about sunset anymore Free publicity!

Yetter1503d ago

TLoU was about immersion of the narrative. This is not

SilentNegotiator1503d ago

Yeeeah, I don't think they want to build hype by calling their game "The Opposite of The Last of Us", absolutely no matter what their point is.

King_many_layers1502d ago

If a developer decides that the HUD is integral to the game i would greatly prefer the option to choose the opacity.

I game on a Plasma for it's superior motion handling, colour and dark room uniformity. It's very strange to me that ever since the jump to HD with the 360 and PS3 that only a limited quantity of games offer atleast an opacity option.

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rarity1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

@Lukas_Japonicus I read the article I was just making a joke.

GarrusVakarian1503d ago

It's cool, I wasn't directing my comment at you, I just replied to you is all. ;)

GarrusVakarian1503d ago

^^^ Lmao @ 6 disagrees.

I love this site.

Naga1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

@ Lukas

The disagrees are probably about the practice of piggybacking off of comments in order to get yours up top. It's generally frowned upon, as you know. Hence the flagging option of "not a reply".

Magicite1503d ago

TLOU = best game of 7th gen in its genre. SSOD - worst game in its genre of 8th gen?

Picnic1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

a) why would you speculate that SSOD will be the worst gane in its genre in that way without having played it?

b) what genre do you think it is in? Skate / wall parkour meets shooter has only really been seen before in Jet Set Radio and then you were only shooting out graffiti. (to anyone wondering, I don't see this as Infamous-like. Because of the building height of that game it doesn't feel so much like a platformer whereas SSOD does look platform-like). Shame that I've seen no tall buildings in SSOD videos so far. Was the trailer misleading a bit there?

Conzul1503d ago

I'm not getting a Bone but I fully expect SSO to be a great, fun game. Maybe even a legit *reason-to-own-a-bone*, heheh.

ITPython1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

A lot of people seem to be taking the title the wrong way. When they say opposite, they mean the opposite of being a really serious and dramatic game, and that SO will go out of it's way to be as non-serious non-dramatic as possible. Probably a little like the R&C games I would imagine, which for the most part were pretty light-hearted and they (the developers) even poked fun at themselves quite often.

MaxKingoftheWild1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Nobody is taking it the wrong way. It's just that it's a stupid ass comparison to make. You don't mention other games in an interview for multiple reasons (this thread being an example of one). He could have easily said what he meant without mentioning TLoU. Hell, you did a pretty good job at saying it

ricochetmg1503d ago


b00mFargl31503d ago

I don't think they are referencing reviews. Just gameplay.

Ka7be1503d ago

Can you people stop with the metacritic. metacritic is a collection of journalist's reviews. No one care about them. Just enjoy the game you like.

Alsybub1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Don't worry, if a game that any of the people that keep referencing it like gets an average score the same people will denounce it as irrelevant.

Take Drive Club. I can bet that if that game averages a score less than Forza Horizon 2 we'll all be told that metacritic is irrelevant and that no one but idiots and Xbox fanboys take it seriously.

Of course, the next time a game they like gets a better score than one they don't then I'm sure metacritic will suddenly be relevant again.

Ka7be1503d ago

@Alsybub And others will say hey FH2 got 0.4 better reviews scores than DC! FH2 ITS A BETTER GAME! And vice versa
Only mindless fanboys use metacritic! And review scores are made for hits. I never bought a game using review scores. I always buy a game from my perspective watching gameplay vid and demos on youtube or Twitch.

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Neonridr1503d ago

The two games are so far from each other in terms of style and gameplay so I don't know why they would need to reiterate that.

uth111503d ago

Infamous is the PS game Sunset Overdrive most often gets compared to, not TLou

THC CELL1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

This overdrive is going to be no way the same level of last of us. Never. The title needs changing.

Septic1503d ago

Calm down mate. It's just talking about the HUD. No one is talking about it being on 'the same level of last of us'.

Big_Game_Hunters1503d ago

what level is that? Cinematics? lol.

mrpsychoticstalker1503d ago

Of course Sunset is fun. Tlou was fun and a great game but that was more than a year ago.

Eonjay1503d ago

I am pretty sure they are talking about the HUD.

GarrusVakarian1503d ago

Not only does your comment not make sense ( there is no time limit on how long something stays fun), you clearly didn't read the article.

Now, apply your palm to your face.

Master-H1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I didn't know fun and great games expire with time, i guess you're not gonna be buying Halo The Master Chief Collection since it contains games that date back more than a year ago..

Rimeskeem1503d ago

And yet the remastered version is still the best game out on this gen

Alsybub1503d ago

A triumph and a shame at the same time.

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WeAreLegion1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

It's also comical, over-the-top, and focuses on fun. Both are incredible experiences though. Very excited for Sunset.

jznrpg1503d ago

Hard to say its incredible experience if it isn't out yet, it may be but too early to deem it so.

WeAreLegion1503d ago

I've played both single-player and multi-player. It's an incredible experience.