PlayStation Network returns online after worldwide connection issues

UPDATE 2/10/14 13.05pm: PlayStation Network has returned online after its latest round of downtime.

Speaking to Eurogamer, a Sony spokesperson told us that the company was "aware of some Network connectivity issues this morning".

There's still no explanation for the outage, although Sony engineers are understood to be investigating.

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Gazondaily3480d ago

Well that didn't last long.

It's alright people. Normality can resume now.

jrshankill3480d ago

The pitchforks and torches have been rested.

UltimateMaster3480d ago

I have my doubts it wad even down to begin with, I was sleeping during that time.
What were you guys doing this late on PSN anyway?
PS+ is an option, sleeping on the other hand isn't.

GarrusVakarian3480d ago


Gaming > sleep. Everyone knows this. :P

kneon3480d ago


I was on early this morning playing while the network was supposedly down, apparently not everyone was affected as I had no problems at all.

GarrusVakarian3480d ago

I didn't even know it wad down. I've just been playing some TLoU MP.

Oh well.

MasterCornholio3480d ago

It went down for barely any time at all and the amount of trolling it caused was incredible.

I'm glad that its back.

ramiuk13480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

i love my ps4 but thee are a few things that really annoy the hell out of me and they have been an issue for too long.

*its alot slower than xb live(im on 152mb bb yet sony ps4 max out at 40mb) while xblive gave alot more.

*loading the ps store up can take upto 3 minutes from dash

*when in any game and trying to get into store from ingame it can take a while
example is fifa and trying to buy a gold pack everyday it takes 3 atttempts to get into store and then i can buy gold packs.

*messaging is slow on console and trying to saend the person you just played can take over 3 minutes at times,its even worse using the app.

so like i say i love my ps4 and wouldnt swap it for anything,its just they really need to heavily invest in faster more stable network.
i have had these issues with 3 different routers and different houses using wired and wifi so its nothing on my end.

medman3479d ago

The concept of time zones is bypassing you, is it?

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zerog3480d ago

It wasn't down this morning people. Read the summery, it says "updated 2/10/14" this artical is 8 months old. How did this crap even get approved? Does anybody actually read past the headline?

Oschino19073480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Many parts of the world (Hint:Eurogamer) list the day before the month. So instead of October the second 2014 10/2/14 it would be the second of October 2014 2/10/14.


zerog3480d ago

Ok. Still wasn't down for anyone I know. Wasn't down the last few times these stories popped up for me. Its my guess theres problems in the routing from some places but not others.

Flyingdog6703480d ago

Ummm, was the only one not affected? CX for real, I was online till 11 (central time) and when I got up this morning it was still workingcx

HeavenlySnipes3480d ago

I've been on since around 9:30 am est and just came off about 20 minutes ago

RedstonerMC3479d ago

So much buzz on the article about it being down but once it goes back up no one's like "hey that's good" Buncha negative nancies.

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Sony Taps Bungie's Head of Revenue to Lead Live-Service Games

Sony has recruited Bungie's head of revenue Jaremy Rich to head up its live-service gaming division, Rich has announced on social media.

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ChasterMies7d ago

Please do not put Destiny’s monetization into Sony’s first party games. The monetization is what’s driving players away from Destiny.

just_looken7d ago

The new temp boss is the sony cfo bean counter so i can see this being a thing get every penny.

Cacabunga7d ago

PlayStation officially losing it.. fans will never support gaas games

just_looken7d ago


The new boss did a interview in japan he wants to tap into the mobile market like nintendio so he give 0 fucks about gamers/fans


Redemption-647d ago

You only speak for you and those who think like you, but most fans will support what they want. Playstation and PC fans are literally supporting Helldivers 2 and that is a gaas. Maybe you wouldn't, but many more would if they like it.

Huey_My_D_Long7d ago

Look, Im not making any judgement calls about this guy, but I will say that Helldivers 2 GaaS model is unique to Helldivers, and legit the only other game I can think of thats similiar was the Avengers game except HD2 pass is still better.
The fact that you can earn in game currency in a way that doesnt make you feel like you have to grind forever, as well you being able work on that pass that you bought...on your own time without a time limit...that right there is fucking huge to me, and I can't name any game other than avengers that avoided trapping players with FOMO logic...I think GaaS on HD2 shouldn't be compared to the rest of the industry...it should be copied.

Einhander19727d ago


Helldivers 2...


In Europe it's a 60 40 split favoring PC.
In the US its a 60 40 split favoring PS5.

So PlayStation owners supported the game just fine, it's not getting carried by PC or anything like that.

FinalFantasyFanatic7d ago

I'm perfectly fine with the way Nintendo entered the mobile market, I never touched their mobile games, meanwhile, the console/handheld stayed the way it is. As for being a bean counter, he's probably going to reel in these massive budgets that Sony's studios have had lately, I haven't played Spiderman 2, but I cannot see how they almost tripled the budget for that game.

That's an exception to the rule, I'm expecting a lot of these GAAS games from Sony to fail, to be fair, they only need a few to succeed, but I would have preferred that they put more of their resources into other types of games.

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DivineHand1257d ago

True their monetization is driving players away and at the same time, their decision to chop out content and convoluted systems is keeping new players away from the game.

Joe9137d ago

I don't think that will happen based on how things worked out at Naughty Dog now that we know what we do, seems they had the option to fully commit to live service games or stay making single player experences so they gave up on their live service game. We are not sure how things came about with Bend making a live service game but I hope that was not a forced situation. Sony doesnt seem like they are forcing studios to switch up but we will see, Sony's bread and butter is single player games it is how they dominated the console market.