Final Fantasy XV Won’t Let You Change Characters In Battle

Final Fantasy XV’s new director, Hajime Tabata, has confirmed once and for all that the game won’t feature a character-switching system, so you’ll be restricted to playing as Noctis in combat.

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Kalebninja1502d ago

are you serious? this is one of the features i was looking foward to the most. i hate when they scrap things like this because now when i play the game this is going to be in the back of my mind :/

bouzebbal1502d ago

my hype level just took a hit suddenly!
no character change? at least bring a very advanced version of Gambit system from FF12 :/

sonypsnow1502d ago

"character switching, Not in its current specifications." Hajime Tabata

"We are also hiring people to help make Final Fantasy XV"

To all that knows how to make character switching, Square Enix is hiring.

vishmarx1502d ago

im cool with it,
arpgs are better off without 6-9 playable characters.
turn based ones have you make buff/debuff build, healer build , magic build etc with each character.
stuff like that never flows with arpgs, who'd switch to a playable healer/ buff player when your mc plays like that
heck even p3 was fine

Adrian_v011502d ago

Naah it's not like that. U seem to use something like gambits, and you gotta set them up for Noctis as well as for the others. If gambits can control the others while you play Noct just fine, why wouldn't it be the other way round too. I just don't get their reason to take away this option.

Spotie1502d ago

Why? Design choices change.

Pozzle1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

I gotta admit, I'm pretty disappointed. One of my biggest problems with FFXIII was that it was Game Over when the main character died. I was really hoping that wouldn't be carried over to FFXV.

Lannister1502d ago

Well we wouldn't want to confuse the stay at home moms and 3 year olds that are now being targeted with this game now would we !

Irishguy951502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Win/lose for me, after the first trailer I wanted scenarios where Nocis was fighting alone and stuff like that,
I didn't want the combat to be dependent on party based situations like KH did sometimes. Now that can be fulfilled, while I was looking forward to using the other characters its not a huge deal to me. I now like the sound of the new combat system as dodging wastes mana and 'hold attack'isn't as simple as it sounds, also theres a 'technique' button too didn't know that

One character is fine if he plays well and it seems 'as originally intended', noctis is very diverse combat wise. He uses everything all the party members do, although i'm a bit disappointed we won't get to use the third person shooter mechanics anymore. Hopefully they put that on Noctis too.

I tend to think Arpgs are better with 1 character you have to focus on too, also story wise Noctis is the important one.

@ abzine, supposedly the gambit system is back for them no?

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The story is too old to be commented.