Violent games encourage knife crime, says Boris Johnson

MCV: London Mayor Boris Johnson has pointed the finger at violent video games for being a cause of knife crime in the Capital.

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ry-guy3825d ago

Boris. Your hair makes me wanna stab things (specifically you) more than any video game could compell me to.

Truplaya3825d ago

like he even knows what a video game is

Dark_Overlord3825d ago

Maybe it could be the fact that gang culture is rife? What about the fact knives are so easily obtainable? or that the police can't be bothered to do there job most of the time? Or how about the fact the government is forcing people into poverty and this is just a result of that?

Nope its none of the above so we'll just blame the games

What a [email protected]

moja3825d ago

You've been disbarred, Jack, give it up!

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The story is too old to be commented.