Brothers in Arms: HH - Destructible Cover trailer

Ubisoft published a new Brothers in Arms: Hell´s Highways trailer. Enjoy.

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zenkai3772d ago

Looks absolutely amazing if you ask me.

BulletToothDave3772d ago

I thought I was through with WWII games long ago. I came to grips that I was going to have to buy COD World at War when they FINALLY announced COD would be CO-OP. Now after watching this video and knowing how amazing BIA gameplay is, I HAVE to buy this game to!

LinuxGuru3772d ago

OK, now all we need is for them to put the gore in that matches that destruction gameplay.

When are we ever going to have a WWII game that shows how gory it all really was?

A guy getting torn to pieces with a .50 cal didn't look very pretty afterwards.