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Gaz, Seif and Dan at get a first hand impression of Alien: Isolation.

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sorceror1711478d ago

Wait, this claims says that "[A QA guy] reminded me that the game is entirely randomised, not just the Alien itself but the whole layout of the station is different every time you play it."

Now that's the first I've heard *that*. I assume he means in terms of where androids and other people are... I don't think they are dynamically generating rooms and corridors, right?

Septic1478d ago

Yup that's he meant. The maps won't dynamically change

SuperDan-Dare1478d ago

From what I've read and seen, while the Alien is intelligent and largely independent to stalk who or what it pleases, there are specific points in the game where it is scripted to appear, in order to progress the story.

I am lead to believe that while the alien will have appeared memorably at certain points in one play through, it may not necessarily appear again in the same sections. Same applies to the other individuals in the game.

CKPan1478d ago

The point is if we can stand play like this for 10~12 hours without wearing off.

RevXM1477d ago

I can tell you that the first hour or so is beautifully paced.
A lot of people who have played 4+ hours really have enjoyed it. But we will see what they say once they have gotten all the way through it.