Returning to Rift: Visiting an Old Friend Abroad

Ahead of the launch of Rift's Nightmare Tide, MMOGames returned to Telara to see what has changed since our last visit.

Karl De Mare writes: "It has been three and a half years since Rift first was released, almost two years since its first expansion Storm legion, and a little over a year since it went full free to play. Over the years a lot of players have come and gone, some have stayed all 3 and a half years, while some only tested the game when it was released. Then we have the players including myself, who played it heavily from release and a couple of months from that, just to find a newer game or something in life to move on to, only to once again return when the expansion came, which gave at least me two more month with the game. But now that it has been over a year and a half since I last played, and with a new expansion is on the way I returned to Telara and see if it is worth staying."

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