Dead Island 2 - EGX Inner Geek Preview

Dead Island feels more alive than ever. The series has always been a bit grubby, buggy and rough around the edges, but the game’s new developer – Jager, the team behind the brilliant Spec Ops: The Line – has achieved some wonderful visuals with the series’ newest entry, Dead Island 2. The zombie apocalypse has never been so colourful. The sun-drenched city of L.A. (which isn’t an island) is beautiful, all white picket fences and that ever-present Hollywood sign looming on the horizon.

Don’t expect the grimness or deeper meaning of Spec Ops, though, this zombie breakout is completely tongue-in-cheek and seems fully self-aware – this is a game about killing lots of zombies with lots of different weapons, sometimes with friends. The full game will have 8 players inhabiting the same world, but it’s up to you if you want to cooperate with them or ignore them completely, leading to a micro Day Z feel, albeit with a more arcade slant and without the trolling.

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