Microsoft Isn't Satisfied with the Xbox One's Japanese Launch

"Things are rough for the Xbox One in Japan! The launch was a disaster, and the weeks following have seen weaker and weaker sales. But good news, Xbox Japan isn't ready to give up.

After selling a mere 23,562 Xbox One consoles at launch, Microsoft moved only 1,314 consoles in its third week on sale."

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TheLyonKing1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

At least they want to improve instead of givung up but let's be honest here it seems fruitless. Ms threw so much japanese central games to the 360 and got squat in return. I probably wouldn't waste my time there and just make it easy to import the xbox to consumers who really wanted it.

But I guess this is why I don't run huge businesses cause that's probably a stupid move.

bouzebbal1479d ago

i think the 360 experience should have been enough to prove that x1 launch in japan is just waste of money.
in 360 time they had a year lead, timed and exclusive JRPGs, cheaper price and still ended up selling just over 1,5million in 7 years... right now they have nothing of this so i dont know why they bothered.

Septic1479d ago

I dont get it either but hey, let them try and fight it out. Its their money lol. Hopefully we get some good JRPG's and other good games :P

Haru1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

xbox sold far less than that in some european countries, They only sold 2-3K xbox ones here where I live so by your logic Microsoft shouldn't bother to release the console in some places just because it doesn't sell well? LOL

Concertoine1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

2-3k 360's in 8 years? Where do you live?

colonel1791479d ago

"... and just make it easy to import the xbox to consumers who really wanted it"

From the amount on consoles they sell in Japan, this could be an easier and cheaper solution for MS.

Not sure if really doable.

Magicite1478d ago

worst console launch in recent history, who would be satisfied with this?

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jrshankill1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

It is sad news that Microsoft could not break into the Japanese market. If I were they, I would probably focus on other areas and count their losses.

They had a great month in the UK surpassing PS4 sales.

GodGinrai1479d ago

I agree. They should focus on the US, UK, europe, SA, China and the emirates.

qwerty6761479d ago

i actually think they can do both.

since Japanese and Chinese like similar style games

why not invest in some jrpgs and bring it to both countries.

improving your odds in japan while simultaneously bringing games to china that appeal to them.

GodGinrai1479d ago

I think buying that big stake in capcom, should be a serious consideration for them, now. Also setting up some japanese dev studios, would be handy too. also, hiring some japanese industry veterans would help.

MeliMel1479d ago

I dont want them to give up on Japan but its time they move on. Its obvious that XB1 is not gonna do well there. Lol...shit if the PS4 is not selling well there XB has no chance.

bicfitness1479d ago

That's a week, not a month in the UK. Their (X1) sales were "moderately" better for ONE week. People need to read these things carefully.

jrshankill1479d ago


sorry, my mistake, it was just a week's sales.

However, the same principal still stands.

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qwerty6761479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

well obviously

selling like 1k a week is pathetic. no one would be happy with that.

time to buy capcom maybe? but make sure to do it in a way that doesnt piss everyone off. continue to have them support other plateform but use some ips for exclusives.

time to bring back jrpgs and port them to china so you can a profit?

also stylize your console, Japanese like that stuff, not a huge black box. release the white one pronto and make it glossy.

maybe try to get like an anime app?

or bring some Japan style dancing games or some type of fitness for kinect.

those are the things i would consider if i was Microsoft.

johndoe112111479d ago

All you guys who keep saying that microsoft should buy capcom, who the heck ever said capcom was up for sale? Where are you getting this info from? Please post a link.

cfc781479d ago

Ms would have to reinvent console gaming to do well in Japan.

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